USACG jazz neck, jazz body fs/ft

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  1. I got this neck on a bass I traded for on this forum, about 9-10 months ago.

    Its in great shape, with no signs of wear that really stick out.

    It has an oil finish, its really smooth, and feels great.

    Sidemarkers only, no inlays on the fretboard. No tuners either.

    I'm using the talkbass app, which likes to crash when I attach pictures. So if you would like to see the neck I will have to email them to you. My laptop is in for repairs so this is the only way I have access to talkbass right now.

    Also have a wine red Fender MIM jazz body. The neck pocket has been sanded a bit to fit an old squier neck, but it'll still accept other necks just fine. Otherwise the body is stock. There's some scuffs on the front. They don't go deep but they are noticeable if you're looking for them. The body is bare, there's no hardware or electronics included.

    I'm asking $200 for the neck, $100 for the body.

    I would like to trade for pedals, pedal boards, pedal board power supplies, electric guitars, and small guitar combo amps.

    Again, send me a message if you would like to see pics. I will have to email them to you. As soon as I can post pics in this thread, I will.


    I have discovered that if you put this neck on this body, there is a considerable gap in the neck pocket on the treble side. I have taken a picture of it and can show if you if you want to see it. From this point forward I will no longer advertise these pieces as being able to be used together.

    I also realized that the body has some scratches in the finish on the back, and a paint chip in the neck pocket. Because its a little more rough than I originally thought, I'm changing the price to $80 + shipping
  2. Post pics when you can plz !
  3. I tried it again this morning, the app crashes every time.

    Im gonna try to get a loaner computer today, and if I do, I can post pictures.

    Otherwise send me a pm with your email address and I'll send pictures directly to you.
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    Is it maple or rosewood or some other combo? Im super interested
  6. I don't think its either. The fretboard is dark wood, and porous. I wish I could post pics, I'm working on it.
  7. All pm's have been responded to, all pic requests have been fulfilled.
  8. I want to clarify, this neck and this body have never been used together. The body is from a jazz project I never finished, and the neck is from my current player. I got a new neck for it, and I decided one jazz bass is enough for now.
  9. I edited the op to reflect some new information. Please read the last paragraph before asking any questions. I've been getting lots of questions from people wanting both pieces to start a build. I'm not sure that would be a good idea based on the info I just added. Thank you.
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  11. The jazz body is traded, the neck is still available and I'd love to sell it!
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    Whatvis the width of the nut and how is the contour
  14. Where do I measure the contour?
  15. The nut width of this neck is 1.5 inches. I'm still not sure about the contour.

    I'm interested in trading for pedals-


    Ring mod

    Feedback looper

    1 or 2 loop switches



    Also interested in trading for small tube amps, preferably for guitar-


    Jet city



    At this point I've traded for a decent amount of gear and I would be thrilled to make a cash sale. Sale price again is $200.

    At the moment there are offers coming down the pipeline, but the neck is still available.

    Its a great neck and will work very well for someone who wants a slim jazz neck and likes the broken in feel of an oil finish.
  16. Pending deal on the neck
  17. Neck is sold thread closed thanks everyone

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