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  1. Ok guys some time ago i was looking for a decent Leslie Simulator but didn't want to break the bank

    looked at a lot of options and after talking with Jimmy M i found a cheap used Soul Vibe (I think with tax it cost me about $40.00)

    anyway after some experimenting i think i have a fairly close live organ type sound i use on a few spots in our set

    I just recorded this very quickly to give you an idea....ran straight into my computer off my effects compressor (which i probably should have used to tame the peaks as i was using a pick... but I was lazy and it's late and I didn't want to set it all

    anyway here it is tell me what you think

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  2. andrew


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    That sounds cool. Who makes the Soul Vibe?
  3. BBE

    It's a Uni-vibe Clone or rather Inspired by the Uni-vibe

    It's basically a sine-wave oscillator or a form of Phaser but with staggered filters instead of aligned filters and no op-amp...Just LED and Photo cells
  4. arginator


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    Sounds good. Do I hear a Micro Pog in there too?
  5. Basshappi


    Feb 12, 2007
    I like!
  6. yes Pog, Carbon Copy and Soul Vibe!! second bit has a little overdrive thrown in