Used bass with bad setup and sharp frets

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  1. Bret_Salyer


    Aug 21, 2014
    So I picked up this Spector Euro LX online at a GC in another state for various reasons. The guy told me it was "in amazing playing condition" and "the neck is perfect". It was a beautiful finish, but...
    When I got the bass, the fretboard shrinkage was bad enough that the frets nicked my hands a few times. I let the bass acclimate, and it got better but not all the way normal.
    The setup was also horrendous. The neck had a little back bow and the saddles were set really high to try and offset this. The strings were coming into the neck at like a 45° angle - of course an exaggeration, but you could fret the 2nd and 24th and the string would lay across all the frets. One of the saddles was even tilted way forward instead of slightly to the rear like it should be.
    I could have likely fixed the setup issue, but I paid a premium for this bass and didn't want to deal with the sharp frets or even felt I should have to deal with any issue. Not to mention the strings were shot and the pots were loose in the cavity.
    When I returned it to my local GC, three people held the bass and played it. Two of those three said "What's wrong with it?". When I explained, they looked at me with a confused look and said "Really?".
    I understand I was buying a used bass, but it was coming from a "guitar shop". Is it just me?


  2. Dave W

    Dave W

    Mar 1, 2007
    Westchester, NY
    I don't understand why anyone complains about setups when buying a new or used instrument.

    It just got shipped from a different climate, more than likely sat in freezing cold, and bumped around in the back of a truck. Even of it was setup well before it left it more than likely s going to change after going through all of that.

    I just assume I need to change strings and set up any instrument that I buy.

    Sharp fret ends are different. Personally I'd wait it out a few weeks to see if better humidity helps it out. If it does, cool! If not then if decide whether to keep it or not.
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  3. Zooberwerx

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    Dec 21, 2002
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    Was the house tech available and, if so, what was his response? Did they offer to make it right? If not, return it under policy. The set-up doesn't bother me although I'd make sure that, once dialed-in, it's 100%. I would be hesitant to pull my wallet for any fret work as this can be somewhat pricier. I can live with some very minor fret sprout and would expect to see some degree at this time of year. BTW, this is the season to address the fret work as it typically at its worst.