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Used CD Blowout! Alternative/Metal

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by TheBrad, May 13, 2006.

  1. TheBrad

    TheBrad Baby step bassist - 90% n00b

    Jan 16, 2006
    Mountain View,CA
    311/311 Live
    Behemoth/Zos Kia Cultus
    Ben Folds/Rockin' The Suburbs
    Children of Bodom/Hate Crew Deathroll
    Cibo Matto/VIVA! La Woman
    Cibo Matto/Stereotype A
    Clutch/Blast Tyrant
    Coal Chamber/Coal Chamber
    Coal Chamber/Chamber Music
    Coal Chamber/Dark Days
    Coal Chamber/Giving the Devil his Due
    Cradle of Filth/Midian
    Cradle of Filth/Damnation and a Day
    Deftones/Around the Fur
    Deftones/Back to School EP
    Depeche Mode/The Singles (1986-1998)
    Disturbed/Believe (Deluxe)
    Emperor/Prometheus The Discipline of Fire and Demise
    Fear Factory/Remanufacture
    Fear Factory/Obsolete
    Fear Factory/Digimortal (digipak)
    Fear Factory/Transgression
    Goatwhore/Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun
    GWAR/Carnival of Chaos
    GWAR/We Kill Everything
    Incubus/Enjoy Incubus
    Incubus/Make Yourself
    Jerry Cantrell/Boggy Depot
    Jerry Cantrell/Degradation Trip (Vol.1 & 2)
    Johnny Cash/ 16 Biggest Hits
    Korn/Follow the Leader
    Lamb of God/As the Palaces Burn
    Lamb of God/Ashes of the Wake
    Lennon/5:30 Saturday Morning (promo copy)
    Marilyn Manson/Antichrist Superstar
    Marilyn Manson/Remix and Repent

    Moonspell/Darkness and Hope
    Mortiis/Crypt of the Wizard
    Mortiis/The Smell of Rain
    Nine Inch Nails/Down in it
    Nine Inch Nails/Head Like a Hole
    Nine Inch Nails/Sin
    Nine Inch Nails/Fixed
    Nine Inch Nails/Closer (Further Away)
    Nine Inch Nails/March of the Pigs 1
    Nine Inch Nails/March of the Pigs 2
    Nine Inch Nails/Further Down the Spiral
    Nine Inch Nails/Further down the Spiral 2
    Nine Inch Nails/The Perfect Drug
    Oleander/February Son
    Orgy/Vapor Transmission
    Peach/Giving Birth to a Stone
    Pearl Jam/Yield
    Radiohead/The Bends
    Radiohead/OK Computer
    Radiohead/Kid A
    Reel Big Fish/Turn the Radio Off
    Shadows Fall/The Art of Balance
    Six Feet Under/Graveyard Classics
    Skinless/Progression Towards Evil
    Skinless/Foreshadowing Our Demise
    Slayer/Undisputed Attitude
    Slipknot/Slipknot (with Frail Limb Nursery)
    Stabbing Westward/Darkest Days
    Stabbing Westward/Stabbing Westward
    Tapping the Vein/The Damage
    Tapping the Vein/Undone
    Tapping the Vein/Butterfly
    Tenacious D/Tenacious D
    The Cure/Bloodflowers
    The Rentals/Return of the Rentals
    The Rentals/Seven More Minutes
    White Zombie/La Sexorcisto-Devil Music Vol.1
    Zwan-Mary Star of the Sea

    Ozzfest Second Stage live

    Dane Cook/Retaliation

    Angus OST
    Chef Aid OST
    Mallrats OST
    Nightmare Before Christmas OST
    Wedding Singer Vol. 2 OST

    $7 a CD OBO, will combine shipping on CDs purchased.
    Also interested in trades for Iron Maiden/Morbid Angel/Bjork/Bad Religion/Tool's 10,000 Days,etc. hit me up if you have something you think I'd be interested in.

    Red = Sale Pending
    Green = Bought used, so quality may be an issue for you. I know for sure the Danzig and the Korn skip, but the rest are fine as far as I know.
  2. Hollow Man

    Hollow Man Supporting Member

    Apr 28, 2003
    Springfield, VA
    PM sent.
  3. TheBrad

    TheBrad Baby step bassist - 90% n00b

    Jan 16, 2006
    Mountain View,CA
  4. Are these CD's all in good condition? Cases in good condition?
  5. zebbie


    Oct 30, 2003
    pm sent
  6. TheBrad

    TheBrad Baby step bassist - 90% n00b

    Jan 16, 2006
    Mountain View,CA
    Yeah, most of them have been on a bookshelf through their time with me. If you want to see the condition of some particular ones just ask and I could write a description and take some pics. Updated the list with color coding for you, if you want to see those discs specifically just let me know.
  7. TheBrad

    TheBrad Baby step bassist - 90% n00b

    Jan 16, 2006
    Mountain View,CA
    I will be moving in the next week and all these CDs will be going into storage for a month or more, so if you want some of these I suggest you move now.

    Other than that, bump.
  8. oooo, missed this one... pm sent.

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