SOLD Used Flats ... Chromes ...$10 Shipped!!

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  1. tjh


    Mar 22, 2006
    ** This set is SOLD ** ... I am listing two sets of Chromes .. first set is in very good condition, silk is good, cut for multiple winds at each post. These are a not even broken in ECB81 set (45-65-80-100) .. top loaded only, never STB, used on Fender inline 4 ... ... $15 shipped ... lower 48 only please ...

    *** This set is SOLD *** ...The second set, is also ECB81, silk is in decent shape, top loaded only, but only cut for couple winds on a Fender inline 4 .... these came to me on a bass I purchased, and I did play them for a couple weeks before replacing them with rounds, with no issues ... to compensate for being cut shorter than my preference, I am including as a bonus, a .105 E with this set ... the .105 is in comparable age cycle, and it has plenty of length for several winds on the E post ... this set would be a great way to sample Chromes, and the difference between a .100 and a .105 E string ... for very little money ...
    ... $10 shipped ... lower 48 only please .. thanks!

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  2. tjh


    Mar 22, 2006
    First set is SOLD ... the $10 set with 2 E strings is still available ...
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