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Used G and L 2000 in the house

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Youngspanion, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I went to Guitar Center just to get out today. I had no, absolutly, no intrest in buying. I picked up a '83 G and L 2000, played it some and ended up walking out with it. The cost was1075 with a case. Used of course. I did not get any tools or a manual. It is natural with rose wood fretboard. There is a small gouge on the back. I suppose from a belt buckle or something. Does any one know if this is a good price or did I spend wayyyyy too much? How about the electronics. Where do I find out how to use this baby. It sure plays nice. I'll post pictures soon enough.

  2. ok, if you look at your bass from the front, with the neck at your right hand

    first knob (closes to the bridge) is your bass cut. 2nd knob is your treble knob. 3rd knob is volume

    First switch is passive/active/active Treb boost switch. Second is series/parallel switch. 3rd is your pickup selector
  3. Man, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you spent a bit too much. The USA G&L L2000's usually go for $600-800. The age of your bass may factor into the price, but I'm not sure. At any rate, it's a nice bass that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

  4. Petary791


    Feb 20, 2005
    Michigan, USA
    Did you haggle at all?
  5. Yeah a bit. The sales man took about 80 bucks off.
  6. that I hope you enjoy.

    However, you did pay too much. Minty used USA G&L's should go for around $700-800....maybe $850-900 if completely in new condition. Brand new they sell for $1200...sometimes as low as $1000-1100 if they are floor models, etc.
  7. Herman


    Dec 25, 2005
    Lynchburg, VA

    +1 in case you needed to hear it again. I paid $825 for mine (new) 6 months ago.
  8. Thats low for an L2K. I was pricing around (on the phone)and I got between 12 and $1300. I don't know.
  9. Herman


    Dec 25, 2005
    Lynchburg, VA
    Yeah, the sticker on mine was $1200 and it was a floor model.
  10. I payed $1500 for mine from the factory with a maple top (L-2500)
  11. Yep, that is low. They musta wanted to move that one!
  12. Price wise it may not be off too much as suggested... The old versions do command more money than the newer versions.

    Post pix.
  13. Herman


    Dec 25, 2005
    Lynchburg, VA

    They did. It'd been on the wall for about a year and they were getting out of G&L. Why? Cus they couldn't move them. I'm hoping that they get into selling Rics and can't move them either - I'll be there to help them out.:D
  14. I love a great deal!