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  1. TBer's. Dave at Thunderfunk has just put quite a few pieces of gear from his trade-in program for sale on the Thunderfunk website. There's Mesa, SWR, EBS, etc. gear there, and it all looks in great shape for a reasonable price. Worth keeping an eye on that site is you are looking for a used amp.
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    Can't find a link. Got one?
  3. PS The Mesa2000 used to be mine. It's one of the last production models that Mesa produced. I kind of bought it on a whim (I'm a sucker for switches and knobs). Sounded great but too damn complicated. It has about 20 hours on it... literally like new... not a scratch. If anyone is looking for one... that one is IT! Of course, I'd save my pennies for a new TF550, but that's just me :D