SOLD Used U-Bass Strings - $5

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    May 4, 2009
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    Two sets used U-Bass strings:
    1) a stock used set of Road Toad
    2) a gigged set of Silver Rumblers
    Yes, they are used. But if you want to try them, $5 for the postage. New, the sets are comparable in price to large manufacturer sets of electric bass strings. And unlike a few years ago, there are now many sets of U-Bass strings to choose from. Here's a good way to try before you buy. The Road Toad have end fittings, kind of like the ball ends on electric strings, and they are a bit rubbery and rolly by nature. The Silver Rumblers need to be knotted under the bridge, like classical guitar strings. Double-knot the G string so it doesn't pull through. They have a little more stiffness, and I find they match the tone of regular soprano-concert-tenor ukuleles and accompany them very well indeed. Check out Facebook and YouTube Uke 66 to see how they sound on my bubinga U-Bass, including a solo on this number:

    U-Bass Strings.jpg
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    After deciding to replace all my poly strings with Kala/Galli flatwound 21" and 23" strings, except for one bass uke, I have three sets of Pahoehoe in my stash for that one, but they do last a very long time.
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    If $5 gets them to Maui, I’d be glad to take them off of your hands
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    SOLD! Thanks.