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used washburn XB-120 for a first?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by rocking 4 life, May 14, 2002.

  1. I'm looking for a first bass, i had my eye on a MIM fender jazz.. but it costs $610 which was a little too much then i wanted to spend on my first bass...

    then today i found a washburn xb-120 for $225 in a pawn shop..

    the bass is in great condition.. except for the chip on the end of the finger board by the body..

    it looks like a yellow to red sunburst (cherry?) quilted maple bass..

    how does the sound of this bass compare with the fender jazz? is it a good price for the wasburn? how about the fender? (canadian dollars) any good advise on buying used?

    thanks in advance :)
  2. Washburn Model #'s depend on year....at least in my experience. I had a newer XB 100 Bantam (Probably made in 2000). It was a 5 string, had a single pickup - rather weak btw, passive electronics, 1 volume knob and 1 tone knob - your basic starter 5 string - and cost me $249 new from Musician's Friend.

    I just traded it toward a 1994 XB 500 Bantam with active electronics, 2 pickups, volume; treble, mid, and bass tone controls and a 3 way pickup selector switch. A good step up, for me.

    I went to the Washburn Web Site at "http://www.washburn.com/index1.shtm" and found the 2002 XB500 was a 4 string, very similar to my previous bottom-of-the-line 100, and the instrument with the features of my "new-to-me" XB500 had a designation something like XB 925. I did write to the E-mail address found at the above web site with description and model number of my new acquisition, and they wrote me back within a couple days and gave me the year and manufacturer's suggested retail price at that time.

    So, from this I learned that their model designations can be very confusing, and it's best just to compare features and ignore the model number. And if you can get the serial # write the company.
  3. you're probably looking at list price. retail, MIM's cost about $350 new.

    anyway, my first bass was my washburn XB-100 and it served my needs adequately. now, the knobs are crackly, the jack needs to be replaced and the neck relief isn't great, but as a learning tool it's fine. looks great too. the 120 looks like it's higher quality too.
  4. it's the store price.. $610 candian dollars for a new MIM fender jazz and p-bass in $560 .. it's kind of sad that there only 1 store that sells fenders in the entire city..
  5. Perfect-Tommy


    Mar 28, 2004

    I recently got myself a Washburn XB100 so I could have a half decent bass I could beat to a bloody pulp and I'm really happy with it so far. The shielding and electronics are some of the best in that price range. Most basses in the same class(and even above it) give you a terrible hiss when you even touch the tone knob, but the Washburn is strangely silent (still getting used to it :p) even with the tone at 100%. Also, the tone knob actually works like a knob and not a toggle. I've ran into a lot of low end basses/guitar that the tone knob usually tends to work in two settings, on and off. If you're... lucky(?) you'll get one that kind of is like a 3way toggle that has the tone off on and REALLY on :p

    I say if you can get one of them for $200 or under (with a case) you're set for a decent working or learning bass you don't have to protect like a baby's soft spot.

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