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  1. I love the sound of my fretless through my Kern, but I am warming up to an Alembic F1X for my fretted, is there a best way to "seamlessly" transition between the two, ala some kind of A/B box? Thanks
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    Nov 10, 2002
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    best thing i've come up with is using an a/b box like a lehle to do so
    you'd have to switch preamps by yourself (moving the cord from your bass) - then you take the outputs of your preamps, plug them into the a/b box, thruw the box on top of your rack and plug it into your poweramp - hit the switch and choose your preamp
    fwiw, i just posted a more complicated question on the same subject - i want a box that would switch everything for me :p
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    Loooper makes great A/B boxes. I guess if you wanted to use two separate pre's on the same channel though, you'd have to run an A/B from your bass, and then an A/B from the pre's to the power amp, only running the opposite way. A $60-$80 solution, plus cables! :)