Using a 5 string?

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    Oct 29, 2004
    I'm considering moving up in the world basswise and I would like to get a new bass. Hopefully (nearly definitely as I am a hard working little boy in my exams :smug:) my parents will put some money towards me getting a new bass. At the moment, I play Jazz (in a big band), some fusion (on my own :cool: ), some classic rock (in a bar band) and some fusion/funk. I also do quite a lot of tapping and slapping I would like to get a 5 string bass, as I want to explore the lower registers of t'instrument. I like average string spacing (not too wide, not too tight) and I would like something in the 21-24 fret range. Can you guys recommend me a 5 string (fretted) that fills these criteria that is verssatile enough too? My price range is around £700, which according to my computer is $1000 (roughly). Any help? :help:

    EDIT- Forgot to mention that I'm looking at a Lakland 55-01 right now, and I quite like it. Anything better in my price range?
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    Apr 6, 2003
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    You can seldom go wrong with a Lakland. Perhaps a Lakland Skyline (import version) would do just fine for you.
  3. Best thing is to try some in shops, altho, i notice your in the uk too, so, maybe its not the best advice as it aint really dooable
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    If you're in the $1000 range, you're flirting with a 55-02 (not that I'm biased :D).

    If that's a hard limit then you could also consider a 55-01 with the upgraded NTMB preamp the same one that's in the 55-94 and 55-02.

    A used G&L L-2500 is another possibility. I considered one before getting my 55-02. Of the top of my head I don't remember the string spacing on them but I'm thinking it was a little narrower, like 17mm. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.