Using a Boss MS3 to switch patches on Future Impact

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by mattplaysdabass, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. As the title suggests. I have a Boss ES3 and a Panda Audio Future Impact. I can get the pedal running through the loops fine in loop 3 but I can’t get the midi out from the ES3 to change through presets on the Future Impact.
    Can someone please help me get these two communicating?
    Kind Regards
  2. Sorry MS3 not ES3
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    I don’t have the Boss unit but I’m an FI owner and I use MIDI a lot. Are you pretty experienced with MIDI? Changing patches on the FI is a simple PC command; I’m assuming you got that far. Default on the FI, I think, is that it listens on all MIDI channels but if you got it used maybe it was switched to a different channel...
  4. KevinC

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    I am in need some help here as I am new to Midi.

    I have a new Boss MS-3 with firmware version 1.06. I also have a new Future Impact 1 pedal. I have not been able to get Midi to talk between the two devices? I have watched a few of the You Tube tutorials but have not found the right combination yet I guess? Do I need to purchase a Roland UM-ONE mk2 so that I can see what is going on with the Future Impact on my laptop, etc.

    If someone has done this combination in the past and has it working I would really appreciate some detailed instructions.

    Thanks for any assistance TB'ers!
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