Using a comp/or pre to cut back your signal

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    Feb 8, 2012
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    After watching the interview that Doug Darkglass did with Alex from Canibal Corpse, I was interested in his method of getting a more passive signal out of his active bass to go into the B3K. He uses a BassBone and lowers the output a bit so that the signal is not as harsh when it enters the B3K.
    So, I tried this method, but with a Boss CS-2. I had a really hot G&L ASAT and it worked great. But heres the thing. I have been playing a Passive P for a while now and I still really like the results of cutting the volume from the CS-2 back to about 11 o'clock. And sending that into the B3K. It really makes for an amazing tone through my 1001rb between the compression and the lower signal. And the 1001 has enough headroom that this creates no problem with volume. Is this common? Or did I just come across some silly trick that works for me. Just curious if anyone has tried this and I figure I'll put it out there if anyone wants to. I seriously have never had a better bass tone.

    Oh,it also gets sent into a ODB-3 (which blends with the B3k nicely) and a rattail. And it works great with those too. I guess it just mellows out the signal and makes for a heavy focused sound.