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Using a Guitar Amp & Bass Amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mastergeneral, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. mastergeneral


    Mar 18, 2009
    Hi all.

    This might sound like the stupidest thing some of you have ever heard but if i never ask ill never find out.

    Anyway, ive just started a drum and bass band and was thinking if i could somehow split the signal from my bass to two different amps. One a bass amp and the other a guitar amp. Ive heard that this can blow the guitar amp speakers because of the frequencies but what if i was to octave up the signal going to the guitar amp? Would this make any difference? Would it sound any good?

    Open to all comments.

  2. Hizzoner


    Jan 6, 2005
    Chicago area
    I think Entwistle did something like that
  3. mastergeneral


    Mar 18, 2009
    cool, i never knew that. Do you know were i could listen to an example of the sound when he uses this setup?

    Its a sort of natural overdriven sound i want through the guitar amp for chords and picking but i know octavers can make the sound a bit artificial.
  4. MNAirHead

    MNAirHead Supporting Member

    I played a 2x12 160 watt guitar amp for years..

    No issues..

    Listen for the speakers.. a cheap guitar amp will have cheap speakers.. these may fart out at low fequencies.
  5. MNAirHead

    MNAirHead Supporting Member

    To split the signal.. you're really talking about a "biamp" setup.. you'd need some type of crossover

  6. staccatogrowl

    staccatogrowl Savoring time on a spinning, shimmery, aqua sphere Supporting Member

    Jul 14, 2006
    Or not . . . there are plenty of splitting boxes readily available. Some guitar amps were bass amps first . . . Fender Bassman, for example . . . watch your volume levels and you should be fine.
  7. mastergeneral


    Mar 18, 2009
    thanks for the comments folks!

    Any ideas what the octave up signal would sound like with overdrive?
  8. staccatogrowl

    staccatogrowl Savoring time on a spinning, shimmery, aqua sphere Supporting Member

    Jul 14, 2006
    . . . it could sound cool . . . the sound you inquire about describes itself . . . many artists double voices from instruments . . . mag / piezo combinations . . . clean signals / effected signals . . . traditional sounds / synth sounds . . . experiment and have fun!
  9. Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick does this except he only uses guitar amps.

    I do this with my 12 string bass. I split the signal to a bass combo and to a guitar combo. I set the bass amp for lows only and the guitar amp for mids and highs, with a bit of distortion. Then I blend or mis the two to my liking. I usualy let the bass amp be the primary sound, with the guitar amp for "seasoning."

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