using a guitar head with bass and bass cab?

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  1. I was wondering if it was possible to use a guitar head with a bass cab safely?
    I have a orange th100 guitar head and I'm curious to see how it sounds.
    if its possible how could i run it safely with a ampeg 810 cab
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    as long as your output ohmage matches the cab you should be just fine
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    In the 1960s a lot of bass players used guitar amps. You will be fine as long as the impedance matches. Not sure why you would want to do it though.
  4. Maybe because he can't afford a second head right now or I don't know. Maybe he wants to?
  5. The only meaningful difference between bass and guitar amps is the frequency centers and ranges of the various EQ controls.

    And plenty of guitar heads have EQs that work perfectly well with either instrument--for example the Ampeg V4 and V4B.

    Whether it sounds good to you and others is another matter, so you must try it and see.
    Nothing will explode unless there is serious operator error or defective parts.
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    Be mindful that some guitar heads and amps, especially older ones, don't like massive amounts of vibration. I used to use an old fender vibro champ into a 15" for home use and recording. Sounded awesome, but it vibro'd too much after a while and needed fixin. People seem to like that 5w epiphone guitar head for bass.