Using a Phil Jones Bass BG-400 w/ Markbass New York 121 8 Ohm.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Shnosh13, Jan 2, 2022.

  1. Shnosh13


    Jun 6, 2020
    Dallas, Texas
    I just bought a BG-400 and have been using it in combination with my Markbass New York 121 cab at lower volumes just playin' around. Now, the Speakon out says 8 Ohms on the combo, and the cab is 8 Ohms, but I want to be sure that there isn't something that I am missing and you should only use another PJB cab and running this way could damage something. I don't think that I would have given this a second thought, however, I cannot find another example out there of someone using the PJB BG-400 with another brand cab.

    Any [we'll call it] reassurance would be much appreciated! Ha!
  2. gtirard


    Feb 22, 2020
    Paris, France
    No danger, really. You won't damage the amp or the external cab.

    The only risk using an external cab from another brand is that the sound could be less than ideal, if the tuning of both speakers don't match very well. Just try and see.
  3. Shnosh13


    Jun 6, 2020
    Dallas, Texas
    Thank you so much! I really didn't think so, but it sure feels good to have it "seconded" when you are dealing with pricy gear you don't want to mess up!

    And the difference in the cab sound is actually what I am looking for! PJB, although tops in the clarity/articulation department, miss that low end "feel" at higher volumes [in my opinion] but that is balanced quite nicely by adding a 12 to the mix.

    Thank you again and take care!
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  4. LVannerson


    May 28, 2015
    How's the volume/bass tone on this? I would like it for very small gigs but also as a amp on stage to be there in addition to my IEMs. Thoughts? It's hard to believe 5" speakers can drive that much low end but I hear great things about PJB. Thanks