Using a Rackmount Preamp with Combo Amp

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    Nov 23, 2008
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    Did a little digging on the site, but couldn't find the exact info I was looking for.

    I have a Backline 210 Combo (300W @ 4ohm) and a Peavey WT410 I'm using as an extension cabinet. The Combo will eventually be sold to fund purchase of a power amp. In the meantime I'm looking to buy a rackmount preamp. Would it just be a simple matter of plugging the bass into the preamp and running the preamp into the effect loop "IN"?

    Anyone else done anything like this with any success? Obviously its a stop gap till I get a decent 600-800 watt bridged power amp to run the cab.
  2. Yep! should work just fine.
  3. AlembicPlayer

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    there's a few options here..
    the FX loop - you could run your bass into the amp input
    putting the preamp in the FX loop as you would any rack FX.

    or run into the pre first, then into the amp input..redundant pre's but it works fine...just watch your gain structure.

    if that amp has amp IN/OUT, you can do that to bypass the amp's pre..not sure if that combo has that feature. My RB head does.

    good luck!