Using a TE head as a pre-amp - would it blow up?

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  1. In my quest for more power, and on my limited budget, i have found using a poweramp in conjuntion with my amphead to be the best option to get the head room i need.

    Would anyone know if there's a chance of somehow blowing the poweramp section of my trace elliot rah350smx head when not putting any load on it at all?

    I've been told different stories by different shops and theres nothing about it in the TE manual. A few people have said not having a load(speaker box) on the TE's poweramp could somehow blow it up. Others have said there would be no effect - if nothing is plugged it doesn't even power up.

    i think the second option sounds correct - what do you think?

    I intend on using the TE head solely as a preamp - running via the line outputs into a 900w poweramp which will drive my quad and 15" boxes. To drive the poweramp i need to turn my output to at least 12 o'clock to get the volume im looking for. doing this with a box connected to the head gives a clipped disorted sound.

    In the end i plan on getting a decent pre-amp to run the poweramp - this is just until i can afford it.
  2. JMX

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    No problem.
    Use the line out (or the FX send).
  3. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
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    I do this with my Eden WT-300. I use the DI into the input of my Carvin DCM1000. I keep the Master Volume at 0, and use the Gain as volume. No problems thus far.
  4. The problem with using the di out or fx out is that the level of output (from the amp), is controlled by the gain knob. the signal produced isn't strong enough to drive the poweramp hard enough to give a very high volume

    The amount of volume the line out outputs of my amp is controled by the volume knob. the speaker mute switch must be engaged to produce a signal through the line output. i have to push the volume knob to 12 o'clock which produces a nice level through the power amp. this means that the power amp section of my trace elliot head increases the level of output through the line output. The problem with this is that my quad box connected to the TE head distorts at 3 o'clock.

    My question was if i didn't connect the quad to the head and and ran the line out to the EHT power amp, would the power section of my TE head be damaged by not having a load on it?
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    Jul 30, 2003
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    Good question. I've wondered about this for years. when you use headphone out with mute on Swr heads, you are running amp all the time, and can do so without a load. I've always heard, unloaded was dangerous. if you do run unloaded, never plug a extra cab. into the amp while amp is on.cost me 4 jbl recones when friend tried to plug in cab as moniter while I was playing. will folow discussion with rapt attention.
  6. Yes. The old rule, written at TB a few times.

    Tube amp (tube powered!) should not run unloaded.

    SS powered amp (also with tube preamp) can be used alone without problem. They fail if there is a jump in impedance (hooking up a cabinet, when the head is on).

    Correct me if I'm wrong.