Using modern tech to teach an old hound some new tricks

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  1. I don't know how many of you have noticed any of my posts in the few that I have made but let me share a tiny bit of my background.

    I played drums for around thirty years and was in some fairly successful bands. (ie. I paid the rent.) When I got my kids in my divorce I dropped out of the music biz and taught school to put food on the table. Now I'm retired and have developed a burning desire to make music again. I have decided to take up the bass and have spent the better part of the last year researching instruments and equipment. I have zeroed in on a bass and, when I save the money for it, will soon pull the trigger on a purchase.

    My dilemma is that I don't feel that I need to start with an amp but still want to amplify the music enough to hear it. Several years ago (when I had money) my son built me a killer computer with an incredible sound system (5.1 surround) and I am wondering if I could use that to play through to learn and practice until I feel I have reached the level to where I would need an amp. I do not foresee myself joining a band at this point (maybe in the future) but for now I just want to learn and make music.

    I am thinking that all I would need is some type of interface and some software. I am hoping that I could use a simple cable with the correct connectors on each end for the interface and then would need some cheapo software. How far off am I? What would I really need?

    Keep in mind that I live on a fixed income (Social Security) and cannot afford expensive "stuff". Any ideas?
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    There are lots of 2 channel USB sound interfaces out there. Here is what I use. Lexicon Lambda. 750-Lambda_angle.jpg
    I bought it used. The computer sound plays into it and I plug my bass into it, then I can mix the sound levels. I can monitor via headphones or listen aloud via a connected amp and monitor speakers.

    This may not be the cheapest solution unless you already have a receiver or amp to plug it into.

    Another solution that would be almost as cheap, would be a small practice bass amp like a Fender Rumble 25. This amp and lots of other small bass amps have a line in that you can plug a computer/ipod/phone into. That would also result in being able to hear your bass while playing along with recorded music. My local Facebook marketplace is loaded with small used practice amps at reasonable prices.
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    IK Multimedia - iRig HD 2

    I have one of these to use with my iPad to fool around with pedal models into my amp.

    Just to verify, spent the last hour getting it (Amplitube, the software you download to use it) installed onto my windows pc, had to jump thru a hoop or two, check their FAQs on working with windows, but it worked just fine playing my bass through the irig into a USB port.


    Just be aware, I don't think the less expensive irig 2 works with computers, you need the HD2, $90-$100