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Using second chanel of amp as effects loop blend

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by godraphonic, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. godraphonic


    Jun 6, 2005
    I have been using various schemes to deal with some guitar effects that cut lows when used with a bass.

    I will eventualy get an LS2 or a looper/blend, but latley I have been experimenting with using a dry out from another pedal to start a second loop, and running the bass cutting effects from it into the second channel of my head (early SVT).

    MY loop generaly is bass (passive)>AF201 auto wah> DOD compressor>EH small stone> Some boss DD ( has hold function and stereo out)>MXR M80>which goes to chanel 1 on the head.

    When I want to use my RAT, a big muff, or other fuzz as well as wah I will run them out of the dry out (of the delay or M 80) and into the second channel of the head, which I set with a little extra treble and the bass a little cut.

    If all the pedals are off, the amp sound is still kick ass, even a little fatter with dual preamps.

    And I can get a real good distortion or drive sounds with no loss of low end. I still have been playing around with orders and radical changes in the looping (all effects into 2nd channel etc.) but I keep coming back to using the MXR distortion with modulation effects in ch.1 and all bass cutting effects in ch2. I was using a resistance mixer (passive) for a while too, to blend the chains and preserve bottom, but it was too bulky, and seemed like it would really drag down the signal.

    Is this somehow bad for the head, or going to cause extra hum or problems that haven't seemed to be a problem yet?

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