Using the West System to coat a fretboard

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by CapeBass, Jul 4, 2008.

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    This is two coats, which I think will be enough. Very nice epoxy (it doesn't stink) I'll post an update regarding the tone after I string it up.
  2. Was this easy/self-explanatory? I'd like to defret my ABG & slick up the FB.
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    Very easy, if you use the same epoxy use 105 resin and 207 hardener, 3 parts 105 to 1 part 207. I used a regular brush for the first coat and a foam brush for the second. I'll be putting about 20 coats of turtle wax on it now, and every time I change the strings.

    Edit: and don't forget a dust cover :)
  4. I know nothing about epoxy but if you say it easy I might give it a try sometime.Is there anything I should know first or is it a matter of reading the sides of the cans?
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    West Systems epoxy is great. I use it for broken off headstock repairs.
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    I have been using the system 3 epoxy has anybody used both? Is one better than the other? How many days does it take for the West system to totally harden?
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    It takes about 12 hours to totally harden, maybe less depending on humidity and temp. I received an instruction booklet with my order. The website also has a lot of info.

    If you want a clear coat the 207/105 combo must be used.
  8. your first coat wasn't thin enough... you've got air trapped in the grain of the fretboard...

    also, you should have used a hairdryer set on gentle to get the coat nice and fluid so it would get sucked into the grain as the wood cooled... pre-warming the fingerboard would have helped as well...

    Warming the coating after applying it also allows any bubbles to come out and pop quickly... not warming things runs the risk of getting bubbles in a coat...
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    Thanks for the honest analysis, this is my first time doing this. It's only a $300 6er so it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. As long as it's playable and sounds good it works for me:smug: