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uterly confused

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DaShiznit, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. im totaly cofused by this whole preamp power amp thing, how does it all work? you cant just play a pre amp in to your enclosure can you, you need to add on a power amp as well right i dunno please write me back and explain all the possiblilites of how it works
  2. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    A regular head is a combination of a poweramp and a preamp. The preamp sends a singnal that the poweramp ampilifies and sends to the speakers.
  3. so if i were to buy something like a grand prix i would need a power amp to go along with it, but how do i know what wattage it would be at. and also waht wattage the power amp would need to be
  4. Let's see if I can clear the fog a little. The input of a preamp is your bass. It takes the signal from your bass and boosts it to a level the power amp can deal with. EQ, tone controls, voicing, effects and compression are all done at the preamp stage. The output of a preamp is line level which is what the power amp expects to see. You need not concern yourself with how many watts the preamp puts out because they're simply not rated that way. All preamps put out a line level signal. A line level signal is far to weak to drive speakers. You need something to amplify the signal into something the speakers can use.

    Enter the power amp. The power amp has one basic function...to take the signal from the preamp and turn it into some serious voltage. The power amp has no tone controls, no EQ, no effects, but it does have protection circuitry to save itself from things like shorted speaker wires and good power amps have circuitry to protect the speakers from damage in case the amp melts down. The power amp is where you should pay attention to things like watts and it basically boils down to how much amp can you afford? If you need, want and can afford a Crown K2, go for it, but something like an RMX850 might suit your needs and budget better.
  5. wait wait wait i found that crown K2 of yours on musicians friend but it wasnt listed under bass power amps, does it not make a differance really if you were to get just any other one
  6. No, you won't find power amps listed in the "bass guitar" catagory, you'll find them in the PA and sound reinforcement catagory. Power amps from Crown, Crest, QSC, Yorkville, Peavey, etc will all do a good job on bass.

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