SOLD Utilities: Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 4x4 & Boss ES-8 (Read Ad)

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    For sale or trade are some utilities:

    Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 4x4 -- $85 shipped to your door - [SOLD]

    Super reliable power supply which offers 8 isolated power sections for 10 possible outs including:
    - 4 shared high voltage 9v/12v slots
    - 2 isolated high voltage 9v slot
    - 4 isolated 100mA 9v slots
    - Unit has velcro on both sides (as I always use velcro for mounting power so it can be switched between boards). Other than that, normal wear and tear, but works perfectly, includes all cables and box and even a mounting kit for pedaltrain boards.

    Boss ES-8 -- $75 shipped to your door (read below)

    Why so cheap? This particular unit exhibits the infamous volume dip that these are known to encounter. I was able to work around this by just setting the volume levels of the pedals in each loop to match and then using a boost to even things back out.

    I contacted Boss/Roland and a local qualified repair tech and both quoted me a ballpark of ~$300. I'm not really into taking that route and have moved to a morning star setup. Beyond that, the unit works fine, but you do have to work around the volume issue via programming the patches around it or setting the pedals at a louder volume...or just get it fixed. All the other features like MIDI and order switching work exactly as expected...this unit is being sold as-is at this DEEP discount for whomever wants to work around the problem or get it fixed (and still have it at a great price).

    I'm more than happy to share the details of whom I spoke to about the ES-8 if you'd like to work the repair through them.

    These were both priced to sell fast - but no reasonable offers refused
    For trades, I'm looking for a morningstar MIDI box and always interested in dirt and unique/weird pedals.


    Voodoo Lab 4x4:

    Boss ES-8:
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    Nov 2, 2021
    I will take the 4x4.
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    4 x 4 is sold!
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    Good lord, what a deal on the ES-8
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    Everything has sold and is paid for :)

    Thanks TB!
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