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    Jan 26, 2005
    I am probably going to buy a V-Bass system but I just wanted to clear up a few small questions I had. First, I just wanted to make sure that the V-Bass board has all of the effects and models built in. I previously read something about needing a keyboard or some type of MIDI unit to get all of the effects and models, but I don't think that applies to this system. I am buying it because I know it will have all the standard effects I want to use (flanger,chorus,reverb,distortion,envelope filter,etc) but I was also wondering if I would be able to use other instrument voices like horns or certain organ types, just as many synth guitars can. Also, I was curious as to what else I should buy besides the board and the pickup. Are there any special cable I will need, etc? I appreciate any help you guys can offer, thanks a million.
  2. i am pretty sure the vbass is bass only as far as sounds go, you should look at the GK20 for all the other sounds...you don't need a keyboard as your midi controller, you probably can use one, but you can use your bass if you get a GK pickup.
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    Nov 16, 2005
    Yea, everything is built-in. If you get the GK pickup and install it on your bass, you're good-to-go.

    If you're getting the board and pickup, all else will be included- no need to get anything else.

    Yea, they are all there, just understand that the presets use them but add their own flavor- just be ready to do some editing.

    The best place for vbass stuff online is http://vbass.thedrillgun.com
    It's a good forum for just the vbass.
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    Yep, you get all your normal effects, which can be used with any bass plugged into the 1/4" input. With the GK pickup and the 13-pin cable, you get all the COSM and synths and all. There's not so much going on as far as horns, but there are a few string synths, and lots of old keys sounds.