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V-Jazz Fretless Convert and Modulus Fan for Life!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BuffaloBob4343, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Got to pick up my Modulus GVJ4 last night. :hyper:

    Bought it off of Ebay and the seller was regionally local.

    It is THE BOMB!


    First, she is better than new hanging in a store. Absolutely flawless. The seller babied her to say the least.

    He ordered her custom from Modulus and it took him six months to get her in.

    Chechen FB, which is much warmer than pics indicate, satin finish on the alder neck, high-gloss tri-color burst that is also warmer and richer than the pictures indicate. Badass2 bridge. Jaco-style control plate with rear-routed electronics.

    The passive Villex PUPs are absolute tone monsters. Talk about MWah! She's currently strung with LaBella black tapes, and while I will probably eventually change them for some nickel rounds or flats, even they sound unbelieveable. I can hear the mwah in this bass even unplugged.

    This is my first fretless, my first Jazz and my first Modulus, and I am in heaven. :bassist:

    OK, back to your regularly scheduled activities and thanks for letting me share my bliss!
  2. Congrats ! I have only heard a Modulus Jazz once before (Spearhead gig), and the tone blew me away !

    Anyway, what's up with that alder neck ? Is it one of those Genesis type necks with the carbon fiber inside or something ?
  3. Yes, it is a Genesis. The neck is alder with a carbon fiber spine. The spine handles the string tension, so the wood can be soft and is for tone. The chechen FB is smooth and the alder is satin finished. The idea is you get the best of both worlds.

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