V4B loud enough?

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  1. My MAG300->Aggie 212 isn't giving me the volume I need at bar shows (lack of low end/clipping at gig volume), and my friends 70's SVT sounds GREAT through it. I set the svt at around 4 on volume and back off the bass a bit for as much volume as I'll ever need (I think ;) ).

    So, if I run the V4B (70's) through my aggie 212 and an aggie s210 (2 ohm load), is it going to get a similar volume as the svt? I like grit but want to avoid full on distortion.

    I play in a dub-ish kind of band.
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    Well, I had a bit of experience with a truly vintage V4B the other day.

    I'm playing guitar in a heavy metal band. We tuned standard Eb and drop B. I was on a borrowed amp... Crate 100 watt (older model) and the other guitarist had a Crate 120. The bassist had the V4B set flat, basically, with the volume on maybe 3, and he was drowning us out at times, along with the PA for the drum machine.

    Mind you, he was pumping this into a Peavey 1x15 with a Black Widow. So, putting together the tube'y 'volume' and the speaker area of the 12's and 10's, I think it'll sound great.
  3. I had a V4B back in the day (70's). It sounded great for about 2 sets, and then got hot and overdriven as the band got louder. It's a fine head, but not anywhere near a classic SVT in volume. If it was... why would anyone haul around an SVT :D

    That being said... it would be a lot better than the head you are currently using, IMO.
  4. YEah, it's kinda like the SVT's baby brother - similar tone etc. only smaller... alot of guys complain about their SVTs because when the amp is being pushed hard enough to get the overdriven tone they like, it is too loud on stage, so the V4B is cool, because you can push it to that point at a lower volume...

    But KJung is right that it runs out of headroom after awhile...
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    That was my reason for picking one up! :)
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    I have used both through a pair of JBL 15"s...quite honestly the V4B would work fine for 90% of the gigs I do...the only time I need the extra gas is "outdoor on a flatbed" type gigs.
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    The V-4B will have the same volume regardless of the total impedance of the speakers you are driving. Not going to get the volume of an svt. Nice sounding head though.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Looks like the one as BassNW is gone so I may go for a yba200 and do the preamp tube switch or save up a bit more and go for a Mesa 400. I'd trade my car for an svt, but I'd still have to add about a grand to the deal ;)
  9. I pulled the trigger on a clean Mesa 400+. Whenever I thought about volume issues with the traynor I'd flashback to the million times my drummer's said "can you turn up? I can't really hear you." I'm pretty sure this'll solve any volume issues I've had :D

    Thanks for the advice guys. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    GS212 + 400+ (should)= Heaven
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    My 70's V4 (not B) is great if I'm able to go through PA support. But on its own for classic rock gigs, is not enough for my band. I almost always use an SVT for all gigs now, and most of my gigs a re small to medium sized bars and medium halls for parties, a few outside gigs.
  11. nice score on the mesa. I recently got the chance to play through one and I left the store wishing I had the dough. :crying: