V4b With neo 115 cab

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  1. Santinotafarell

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    Jan 24, 2013
    Hi guys,
    Is anybody using an Ampeg V4b with a fender neo 115? How does it compare to say the ampeg av112 or 212 cabs? What about a V4b with two neo 115s? Does that significantly increase the volume? Can the v4b handle two 115s?
    Could i do an outdoor gig running a v4b through two 115s?
    Reason i am asking is my ideal rig is a superbassman with 2 115s, but i want the v4b as a small gig backup/ a little more portable, and would rather not shell out for the matching v4b 112/212 cabs if not needed. Is the pairing of the v4b with neo 115 lacking, better or comparable to the 212av or 112av cabs in terms of tone? Thanks
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    I use or used my V4B with 2 Fender Bassman Pro Neo 115s, but due to my penchant for CLEAN tube tone, I usually use the V4B at home or for rehearsal, or fairly quiet gigs.

    Yes it sounds great with one or two 15s but for me, it struggles to stay clean at louder volumes.
    If you like a bit of a dirty sound, then it's hard to beat. I DO like that sound, but I also like clean tube tone, so, sadly the V4B doesn't get many gigs.
    My Orange AD200B gets those gigs mostly. Or my Super Bassman.....

    But, yes, it certainly is louder thru 2 x 115s than just the one, so if it's your back up/alternate rig, to a Super Bassman, it sure does sound terrific.

    As always with volume, it depends.
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  3. MattZilla


    Jun 26, 2013
    It has a mean transformer. It can handle 2 215’s. It can handle 2 810’s.

    It’s only 100 watts, so the more speaker, the better when going for volume.

    One 115 blowing at your calves will be fine for playing for thirty people in a fenced in back yard, but even if it was powered by an SVT, it won’t really work for thumping 500 people in a field.


    Do you already have the SuperBassMan?

    V4B isn’t even in the top-20 when I think of portable.

    As a backup for a Fender, it isn’t any better than a TE Elf, an Aguilar, or a Mesa. It’d be like settling for ribs when you went to a restaurant planning on having steak but they ran out.

    I’m all for talking people into buying new Ampegs to then disperse them into the used market, but...
  4. Except that it's all tube.. so pretty different than a Elf. The Elf may get louder tho
  5. Santinotafarell

    Santinotafarell Supporting Member

    Jan 24, 2013
    New rig, lovin it - probably gna get the second 115. How far do you put the gain if volume at 10 and everything else flat through the 115 vs 215?

  6. Depends on how much volume you need. In my house, gain id only on 1 or 2/10 (7 or 8 o'clock)
    For the small rock gigs, it's up around 11 o'clock and, depending on the bass I'm using, will be getting pretty grindy