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  1. I have a blown stanby bulb on my V4b.
    I replaced the light assembly with a new one I got off the net from a dealer.
    I noticed it had been replaced before due to the wires being spliced in the center.
    I also noticed the power light had what seems to be some kind of resister imbeded in the wire and the standy does not.
    Anyway, after replacing the assembly, I find it still does not work.
    Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. W.J.


    Oct 31, 2000
    check the new lightbulb if its still intact => if its not
    replace and connect a resistor( make shure it is a resistor, use a resistance meter) like the one on you power light ,
    ( make shure these are the same bulbs ! )if its still intact
    check your repairwork is it done properly? ( no electical shorts .. etc . and check your fuses .Its hard to tell what's wrong by just sitting here and type but if you still don't find the problem => you better take it to a repair guy!!!!!
    just checking =>
    black = 0
    brown = 1
    red = 2
    orange = 3
    yellow =4
    green =5
    violet =7
    grey = 8
    white = 9

    so when you have a resistor of 5600 ohm you'll have
    green, blue and red ( 2 x a zero at spot nr. 3 )
    another : 78 000 000 ohms you'll have violet , grey , and
    (6 x a zero )
    but someone must have told it before ...
  3. W.J.


    Oct 31, 2000
    maybe just take it to the repair man anyway