Value of my amp?

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  1. Is there a website that give a value for used gear?

    i have a cerca 1970 Kustom III BASS amp and want to know how much its worth i want to get more modern gear
  2. Quadzilla

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    Sell the old Kustom and buy a new one (Kustom Groove Bass 1200)!

    Seriously, do a seach on Ebay and use the "completed items" feature on the advanced search
  3. i cant do an advanced search i dont have an ebay account :(
  4. Does this amp have a huge "K" in white letters with the word "Kustom" in much smaller letters to the right of the letter K? And is it "regular" vinyl, not "tuck-and-roll"?

    Try this link, see if this is a picture of it:

    If so, this is a very late 70's Kustom, not the more desirable late 60's-early 70's "tuck and roll" models. So the value wouldn't be much, IMHO, maybe $100 or 150 depending on shape...

    (The original Kustom owner/founder sold his company in the mid 70's....)
  5. yep thats it in the picture
  6. IMHO:
    If you sold it to somebody, *maybe* you could talk them into 150 but it'd have to be in absolutely perfect condition, and you'd have to be a great salesman!! Otherwise, probably only $100 or so, because IIRC this amp only puts out around 130 watts.

    Trading it in, you wouldn't get much at all, nobody ever does--unless the dealer has the "sticker price" already jacked up high. (Just like the car lots that tell you "drag any car in and we'll give you $5000 in trade for it!!!)