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valve amp: ELK custom 150

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by brentf, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    I have managed to acquire an ELK guitar amp, which wasn't working. It turned out that the secondry transformer was blown. I managed to get a new one made up and the amp sounds really sweet - even though this is not a bass amp, it holds up really well as a bass amp for practice. It may have limitations in a band, but this can be overcome using the FOH rig. I'm seriously stoked that I managed to get an all tube vintage amp for a total of about 100$ US:hyper:
    These amps went out of production eons ago, and there is precious little on the net - The one I have, runs with 4 x EL 34 valves for the main output and 4 x ECC 83 valves for the pre. There is also another valve that the writing has worn off. It is the same diameter as the ECC 83 but is about a third longer in length.
    Does anybody know anything about this amp, and what this valve may be? If I have to replace it I am in trouble.:help:
    My next little project on this, is to get the reverb section working - the only way to get reverb is to whack the side of the amp which moves the wire mechanically not electrically. To be honest I have no clue how a reverb works at all:rollno:
    One other question, could anyone tell me what 8" celestion speaker to pair with a 12" celestion G12K-85 ?? I have mailed Celestion but perhaps you guys can offer a more objective view from a bass players perspective:)
    Thanks in advance for your help.