TRADED Vandermeij Maximus 5 (Multiscale)

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    This is a beautiful custom made bass, has a darkglass tone capsule, haeussel pickups, and 37"-34" scale length.
    The fingerboard is smooth as silk and the finish on the neck is also straight butter. Truly this thing has been a dream to play.

    I bought this on a whim a year ago and the problem is that she's meant to be a studio queen and I need something to gig with. This bass has not been gigged and has only been taken out of the house a handful of times. The neck was recently re-set by Lay's Guitar Shop in Akron, OH. Please note there is also a minor ding in the headstock, I tried to capture that as best I could in the photos.

    I included the spec sheet from the manufacturer and I am the second owner of this bass. I bought it from someone on reverb who got it at NAMM 2020.

    Feel free to make an offer or if you have questions send a message.

    Shipping to CONUS: $50

    I'm also interested in trades for 5 String HH/HS Stingray's or Fender American Deluxe Precision's (the P/J configuration only), maybe a Dingwall if someone is feeling wild.

    20210325_043548.jpg 20210325_043606.jpg 20210325_043719.jpg 20210325_043755.jpg 20210325_043802.jpg 20210325_044138.jpg 20210325_044203.jpg 20210325_044232.jpg 20210325_044315.jpg 20210325_044339.jpg 20210325_045753.jpg
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