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Vantage Avenger 70s/80s Matsumoku good???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Lorenzop, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Lorenzop


    Oct 23, 2012
    Does anybody have feedback about this model of "strange" P bass?? Kind of like the look if it. Seems many bought it eons ago in their teens as first bass. Many liked it but is it still good compared to say a Squier ????

    Check the link :

  2. Runnerman

    Runnerman Registered Bass Player Supporting Member

    Mar 14, 2011
    These are good instruments if produced in Japan.
    They are not as valuable as the Alembic "copy" basses just because they are sort of a unique style. They are also bolt on rather than neck-thru and don't have the PUP phase switch.
    Consequently they are priced significantly lower.

    From a construction quality point of view they should be pretty close to a Squier IMHO.
    I have never played or heard one so no direct experience versus P.
    Matsumoko tended to wind their pickups a bit on the hot side so I expect they will have the requisite thump.

    That's my thoughts FWIW.
  3. chuck norriss

    chuck norriss Banned

    Jan 20, 2011
    there is no bad bass guitar.
  4. kcole4001


    Oct 7, 2009
    Nova Scotia
    I have one of the AV-330 guitars, it's a decent cheap guitar.
    You may need to replace the tuners, but the electronics should be good.
  5. Lorenzop


    Oct 23, 2012
    Thanks for replies....

    How are the necks? I see someone selling a fretless version.
    Also what's a fair price?
  6. smcd


    Jun 28, 2009
    Boston, MA
    I have an Avenger. Made in Japan (did they make them anywhere else?). Craftsmanship is excellent, sound is just ok. Sounds like a P-bass. The necks are thick, like the old Fender baseball-bat necks. These basses can be had very very cheap. The commonly sell for well under $200. Great value. I'll take one of these over a new Squier any day.
  7. smcd


    Jun 28, 2009
    Boston, MA
  8. Baird6869

    Baird6869 RIP Gord Downey. A True Canadian Icon. Supporting Member

    I played Japanese Vantage guitars and basses back in the day and they are great bang for the buck.

    The PU can be crappy but solidly and well built.
  9. RED J

    RED J Lol Supporting Member

    Jan 23, 2000
    Hmm, so the reasons he would take your viewpoints on both sides of that statement seriously are...??? :D:D:D:D Not trying to be hateful, it just struck my huh ? button. :rolleyes:
  10. smcd


    Jun 28, 2009
    Boston, MA
    Here's mine -


    It's extremely well made and light (8-1/2 lbs.) Brass bridge and saddles, good quality tuners. Pickups have adjustable pole pieces and the output is strong. The only real flaw the bass has is the tone adjustment. It has a very narrow range. So let's say a standard Fender Pbass has a range of 1-10, this bass has range of 4-9 (favoring the bass end). I'd still take one of these over a Squier any day.
  11. bobfarabaugh


    Jan 23, 2009
    I had one a long time ago. I thought mine was pretty muddy sounding so I rewired it with a tone capacitor from........I don't remember but it really brightened up the sound. It kinda hung weird on a strap because of the short horn. Definitely brings back back high school though.
  12. Lorenzop


    Oct 23, 2012
    Thanks everybody.
    Had to let the offer go, too expen$$ive (400$) but I'll keep an eye out!!
  13. texacoon


    Jan 29, 2013
    I bought one used as my first Bass I played it for almost 15 to 20 years in church never had a problem. Bought A Set Of D Addario Flat Wound On The Vantage Yesterday It's Like A New Guitar To Me never used to flatwound strings before. I was able to lower the action considerably I love it again.