vantage six string: Any good?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by blackwing, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. Hi there everybody!!!
    Im a new user in this forum and i really need info on this bass.I found a six string vantage here in the philippines and tried it out.Body was nice and the neck is fast like a sr406.electronics are not that good but bearable.What do you guys think?Any info will be greatly appreciated.BTW, it only costs around 400 dollars. Is it a good buy?Thanks in advance!!! TALKBASS RULES!!! :cool:
  2. I would ask you three questions:

    Q) How did it feel?
    Q) How did it sound?
    Q) Is the price something you're willing to spend?
    Looks like on 2 of the three you would answer yes. I've spent alot of money on 2/3 basses :( and yet, I've also wished that there were 2/3 basses I would have bought. My 2nd bass was a late 70's Jazz copy, sounded great, and only cost $50 :eek:.. but it was sooo heavy.. I never play it, its in pieces on the chair next to me.. :D

    The Rickenbacker's i've played felt great, and sounded great, but were just more then I wanted to spend.. Acursed finances..

    Sounds like the price is good, the feel is good, but the sound is questionable. If it were me, I'd rather hold out for THE sound I was looking for.

    Of course... I hear GAS is a terminal disease..

    (Gear Aquisition Syndrom)
  3. Well lets say when i said that the electronics are bearable i meant that its not the configuration i wanted(the bass has two volume and two tone config) but the sound was nice and the low B is tight.Besides, i cant find any more six stringed bass guitars here that i like. i plan in changing the electronics when i shelve out enough money. Thanks for the info anyway!!!:D