SOLD Vantage VP795B bass

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    Translucent Blue-finished 80's Vantage VP795B in good condition, especially for its age. Includes OHSC, also in very good shape.

    I bought this from a fellow TBer and then other basses showed up and the wife got mad. Anyway, this one is super cool but it should be the easiest to sell. So to the classifieds it goes.

    Graphtec Ratio tuners installed. Original tuners are included. Old brass bridge has been replaced with a Fender style bent bridge.

    34" Scale (online websites indicate this model also came in a medium scale)
    Brass nut
    ~8 lbs on my digital bathroom scale
    Controls are V-V-T with a pickup selector switch on the upper horn
    I believe it's a 1981 build based on the serial number

    There are some nicks and dings. None on the back of the neck. And nothing overly offensive.

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