Variation in pickups...(sound)

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    Feb 2, 2001
    I have gone thru 3 basses in the last 2 months...having said that I am very picky. I think I am here to stay with my spector.

    The first bass was a Conklin GT7. It had barts and the sound was unexplainably awesome. I drift off into bliss just thinking about it! Anyways the craftmanship on that guitar was poo, so it was returned. BTW it had a might mite preamp.

    Then I got a warwick FNA 4. It has the MEC passive music man pickup with the basslines preamp. It had a good sound, but it was apples and oranges because, 1. there was a slap contour feature, and it was going from 7 to four strings. The sound was definetly "punier" than the GT7.

    Now with my Czech spector, which I have had for not even a day, has EMG's. The sound is well, un explainable at this point. I put emg's on my elec. guitar and dont like it much.

    Obviously I like the sound of the bartolini equipped bass better...Having said that, was it the bass or the pup(s) and/or preamp?

    If I want to (in the future) put barts on my spector, what do I do? Replace only the pickups or get a new preamp too?

    Let me know your thoughts.