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  1. Got the following working gear available, will entertain all reasonable cash/trade offers

    1) Hartke 5000 amp - SOLD

    2) Hartke 410xl cabinet - SOLD

    2.5) Hartke 2.5xl cabinet - SOLD

    3) Hartke 115xl cabinet - SOLD

    4) Akai Headrush pedal w/AC adapter

    5) Ampeg Ba-HP115 combo, a couple of tears, otherwise great condition

    6) Alesis S2000 sampler - bought this used a couple of years ago, never used it, so I don't really know it's condition, although it was supposed to be in working order when I got it.

    7) Fender Aerodyne - basic black, in excellent condition

    More to be added as I figure out what's what in my garage :D
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    pm sent re: Hartke Head
  4. PM Sent in regards to the Akai Headrush.
  5. PMs replied to.

    Also, added a Hartke 2.5xl cabinet for sale.
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  7. is the headrush still around?