SOLD Various Pedals

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    Apr 5, 2000
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    After much deliberation, decided to switch from single pedals to an HX Stomp so these are for sale to support that purchase. Prefer cash, not interested in trades. Shipping included to lower 48 continental US. Paypal preferred.

    Source Audio Aftershock - $120
    EHX 2020 Tuner - $35
    Saturnworks Volume knob pedal - $30

    Sansamp Programmable Bass Driver - $70 (Full disclosure this pedal has only partial functionality, channel 2 button on this pedal is intermittent and only randomly activates its preset)

    BOSS ODB3- $50
    BOSS LS-2 - $60
    Whirlwind IMP2 - $30

    IMG-3086.jpg IMG-3087.jpg IMG-3088.jpg IMG-3089.jpg IMG-3091.jpg IMG-3093.jpg IMG-3094.jpg