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VB99 Midi

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Bill4332, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Bill4332


    Apr 15, 2010
    Greetings to everyone, I am new to the forum, and looking for some assistance. I am trying to midi the roland vb99 into a yamaha mm6. Has anyone tried or had success with this? I have been through the channels on the vb99 and all I get is piano or sometimes a drum. The mm6 is set on strings but all I keep getting is piano. Thanks for any help.:help:
  2. Stumbo

    Stumbo Wherever you go, there you are. Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 11, 2008
    the Cali Intergalctic Mind Space
    Song Surgeon slow downer software- full 4 hour demo
    Here are a few links that I've collected along the way that I've found enlightening and hope you will as well.

    Read all the the FAQ's in each forum. Fill out your User Profile. Become a supporting member.

    If I only knew then...
    Best musical advice
    Every bassist should know
    How to really "learn" a tune"
    Save your hearing
    Custom ear plug primer

    2. NEWBIES
    Am I too old to learn to play the bass?
    How "good" do you have to be to be in a band?

    Intro/History of Bass guitar
    First bass advice
    Strings: Flats or Rounds?
    First amp advice
    Using two combos together
    Upgrade bass/amp first?
    Connecting an amp to a cabinet

    Downloadable fretboard learning file utilizing Microsoft Excel or Excel file reader

    Where to start
    Beginners mistakes
    "Go slow" practice method
    Creating a practice schedule
    Find a teacher

    Guitarist switch to bass

    Online bass tuning
    2 starter books
    First Timer's Intro to Bass Guitar (picture based) w/CD
    Metronome info

    ~Newbie Learning
    Bass trainers/practice w/o amps
    Pick/not to Pick?
    Developing musically

    What's a chord?(w/audio examples)
    What are charts?
    Tips for writing sheet music

    Tab website
    Tab/not to tab?
    Getting off tabs
    Sight read standard notation(SN)?
    Nashville Number System (NNS) Book
    NNS chart example
    NNS online tutorial

    ~Newbie Theory
    What's "Theory"?
    Easy understanding of chords
    Music Theory for Practical People book
    Online Visual Beginning Theory, ear trainer

    Beginner's Bass Clef tips
    "Name that note" online SN game
    Downloadable read "bass clef" software
    Online bass clef audio/visual trainer
    print bass clef flashcards/staff paper

    ~Newbie Rhythm
    1 Learn rhythm

    ~Newbie On-line Resources
    Dmanlamius' beginner's site
    1st bass lesson (click on Beginners)
    Intro bass-learn songs,videos
    Tab based (w/audio) lessons

    ~Newbie On-line paid lessons
    $3/mo bass lessons
    Cliff Engel online,correspondence,private lessons
    Adam Nitti's online "class room" learning website
    Play the bass now lessons

    Technique forum
    1 How to practice

    Singing and Playing bass
    Protecting your voice
    Bassist's guide to singing

    Odd time sigs

    Headphone amps/mixers/trainers
    Tascam GT R1 Portable Stereo Recorder/Mixer/Trainer/Effects/Drum Machine

    "Band-in-a Box" software for practicing
    "BIAB vs. Tascam Bass Trainer
    Bass learning software that uses midi
    Playing along with your PC

    1 Good headphones

    Help! My wrist/fingers are sore/tingling
    Carpal Tunnel
    Repairing cuts on your fingers
    Cracked Skin-Preventing/Fixing

    ~Backing Tracks & Drum Machines
    1 Drum Machines
    Free, full-use,downloadable drumtrack software
    Drum Tracks
    Free backing tracks
    Different methods to play drum tracks
    Build your own backing tracks online

    ~Instructional materials
    Over 100 DVDs/books
    Books, DVDs, all styles/ methods
    Looking for the Bass "Bible"
    MarlowDK's recommended books
    "Best" theory/harmony book
    TB Book Links
    TB member Jon Liebman's books and more
    Books, DVD's, equipment, accessories, etc. (by style)
    over 100 books of transcriptions & more
    ii-V-I book and CD

    ~Online lessons
    dmanlamius.com Dman's hands on videos and more
    playbassnow.com MarlowDK's cool videos & more
    Read music,lessons, online metronome,bass clef tutor & more
    Studybass.com Sound files/tab/standard notation based lessons..more
    thelibster.com Tech advice,drills, bass sound files & more
    cyberfretbass.com Videos & more
    activebass.com Lessons, backing tracks, articles and more. Xlnt site

    ~Software: Notation, Transcribe, Slow Down, Loop, Record, Metronome,Utilities
    1 Slow down
    Other software
    Taking transcribing to the next level

    BestPractice-PC based, free, easy to use, slow downer/pitch shifter/looper/vocal remover/bass isolator/ backing track maker

    1 Suggestions for music notatation software
    Transcribe/read transcriptions free online
    Let the computer transcribe your played notes
    Transciptions examples
    Taking transcribing to the next level

    Making chord charts w/lyrics

    Metronome-odd time sigs.
    Victor's metronome lesson
    TempRef-hooks to drummer's snare

    Free music software
    Cheap/good recording software
    Guitar Pro

    ~Ear training
    Test your ear
    Free downloadable ear trainer (basic/advanced) Solfege. Xlnt program
    Trainers/tutorials. Music theory, ear training, read music, chords, intervals, etc.
    Online Visual Beginning Theory, ear trainer
    Discussion of Solfege

    ~Sight Reading
    Bass clef to fretboard translation. Memorize this first
    1 Learning
    Transcriptions to practice;many with .mp3 files
    Free transcriptions

    Learning basic theory
    Intro scale & chord theory
    3rds & 7ths?
    Tri Tone Substitutions
    Theory links list
    Theory (from the DB side of TB)
    Useful music theory info with audio

    Learning "modes"
    Reason for modes
    Using modes
    Putting it all together (scales/modes)
    Key signatures/Circle of 5ths/Cycle of 4ths
    Circle/Cycle of 5ths/4ths (spreadsheet format)

    ~Getting creative
    Where does creativity come from?

    Creating bass lines
    Target Approach
    Walking bass line examples
    Ed Friedland on walking bass lines
    TB's Ed Fuqua's walking bass line book

    For a jam

    Playing scales

    Playing behind/ahead of the beat
    Playing "in the pocket"

    ~Song Writing
    Chord progressions for Song Writers
    Chords of Great Songs

    ~Going "pro"
    Nashville's Roy Vogt's TB thread
    Becoming a session player
    1 Going pro
    The musician's life
    1 Expectations

    ~Teaching Bass
    1 Teaching ideas
    Becoming a teacher

    So you want to be a music major?
    Virginia Tech Music Theory Dictionary
    Auditioning for jazz band
    Audition dilemma
    Classical sheet music (free)
  3. Stumbo

    Stumbo Wherever you go, there you are. Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 11, 2008
    the Cali Intergalctic Mind Space
    Song Surgeon slow downer software- full 4 hour demo
    5. STYLES
    Becoming a blues bass player
    Blues progressions explained w/ audio samples
    Basic lessons/free backing tracks
    Getting into the blues
    Slow blues

    Blues jam terms/progressions
    Ice Cream Changes
    Backdoor Progression
    more blues
    Abersole's 35 blues variations
    Improving the blues

    1 First jam

    Gig coming up

    Blues bass player's club

    Influential musicians (mostly) pre-1959
    History and styles
    20 important blues recordings & more

    "Blues Bass" by TB member Jon Liebman
    Ed Friedland's Essential Styles and Techniques
    Blues books
    "Complete Rhythm Guitar Guide for Blues Bands" by Larry McCabe
    "101 Blues Bass Patterns by Larry McCabe
    Turn arounds book for blues/jazz

    ~Funk, Slap, Groove, R&B
    Links to over 20 funk,groove and R&B bassists

    TB's Funk 101 list of funk tunes
    Funk 102
    TB's Old School Funk tunes suggestions
    R&B set list tunes
    50 songs to learn R&B on

    Muted Grooves by Joaquin des Pres
    Classic Funk and R&B by Joaquin des Pres

    1 Bass Grooves by TB member Jon Liebman
    2 Funk Bass
    3 Funk/Fusion Bass
    4 R&B/Funk book
    5 "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" James Jamerson book/CD
    6 Funk Bass Bible

    New funk groups
    Modern Funk bassists
    Funk Masters w/James Brown Rhythm Section Book
    Who played bass with Aretha Franklin?

    The late, great, James Jamerson
    Jamerson w/Marvin on Youtube

    TB slap bass references/links
    Over 60 slap/funk lessons by MarlowDK
    Video lessons w/Dmanlamius

    Playing behind/ahead of the beat
    Getting a "synth" bass tone/sound
    1 Get that dead flatwound string sound

    Books/Videos from
    F. R. Prestia/Tower of Power
    Anthony Vitti
    Alex Sklarevski
    Bill Dickens
    Tony Oppenheim
    Larry Graham

    Learning Latin music
    "The Latin Bass Book" by Oscar Stagnaro/Chuck Sher
    Afro-Cuban bass/drums grooves book

    1 Learning
    Improvization Primer (Book/Online)
    Theory, soloing, videos by Ethans1980 website
    Walking bass lines examples
    Walking bass lines books
    Jazz Scales
    History of Jazz website

    Play Metal bass
    Demystifying metal styles
    Tuning your bass for metal discussion
    How to scream/growl
    Drop Tuning - which strings?

    1 Hip-Hop bass
    Hip-hop bands with instruments
    Hip-Hop Bass

    Reggae bass
    1)Best bass/setup for Reggae
    Reggae broken down

    Aston Barrett
    Robbie Shakespeare
    Errol "Flabba" Holt

    ~Urban Gospel
    Examples of songs
    Gospel/PW basses/rigs/strings

    Essential 60's songs
    ~Top 100 songs by year
    ~90's Funk
    90's Funk
  4. Stumbo

    Stumbo Wherever you go, there you are. Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 11, 2008
    the Cali Intergalctic Mind Space
    Song Surgeon slow downer software- full 4 hour demo
    ~First band
    How "good" do you have to be to be in a band?
    Joining your first band

    New band
    3 piece band
    Advertising for new member(s)

    Cover band
    Picking songs for your song list
    Cover band setlists
    Covers vs. Originals

    Tribute band

    ~Band names
    Real band names
    Infamous band names
    Changing band name
    1 Funk Band Name Thread


    ~Joining a new band
    Finding a new band
    Questions to ask before joining a band

    1 For new band
    Getting back in the game

    Red flag stories
    Hilarious/Bizarre audition stories
    "Never got to audition"

    ~Replacing a band member
    Firing a band member
    1 Auditioning new member

    ~Leaving the band
    Giving notice
    Getting fired
    Quitting music?

    Wearing ear plugs discussion
    Band rehearsal/headphones

    Learning a band set list
    Learning songs quickly
    1 Rehearsal tips
    2 -efficiency
    3 -how often?

    1 Sound proofing/reduction
    2-w/ room pics
    3-w/ room pics Drummerworld.com
    Build Recording Studio book- for pros or DIYr's

    ~Band management
    Book on "Bandalism"

    How to handle a big band
    Playing in a band w/o rehearsing
    If your significant other is a non-musician
    "Leading" a band
    Band "funds"?
    Why many bands fail

    Originals Band "paying dues"
    Is playing for "free" really "free"?

    Getting gigs
    Keeping track of gigs/rehearsals

    The "art" of closing the deal
    Gig pay
    Advertising your band
    Business cards

    Overcoming gig anxiety
    1 First gig
    Still gigging after all of these years
    How early to show up?
    What to do if you don't know a song or forget your part

    Gigs-stage management
    1 Moving equipment
    Coiling cables
    Taping down cables

    What's in your gig bag?
    In-ear monitors
    Going wireless
    Getting your sound "live"

    Music stands on stage?
    Designing/Managing your sets
    Managing sound on stage
    Controlling your stage volume
    Directing the band on stage-hand signals
    1 On-stage Banter
    Being asked to turn down the VOLUME
    To noodle/not to noodle?

    1 What size?
    DIY monitors
    1 Upgrading

    What mixer is your band runnin'?
    QSC K series PA discussion
    What mixer do you use?

    Low cost lighting

    Working with the "sound guy"
    Cheap vs. Expensive DI
    Working a DI
    1 Learn live sound mixing
    Frequency ranges of band instruments
    EQ primer (all instruments)
    FOH vs. on-stage sound

    Isolating Head/Cabs from stage/each other
    Best wireless?

    ~Mixing/Recording rehearsals/gigs
    Recording rehearsals/practice/gigs
    Recording software recommendations
    Cheap but good studio mics
    Home Recording

    Upgrade bass/amp first?

    ~Amps, Heads, Rigs, Speakers, Cabs
    Amp FAQs
    Pros/Cons of Amp Design
    How many watts do you gig with?(poll)
    Amp "watts" vs. cab "watts"
    Benefits of vertical speaker cabs

    >30 light-weight cabs,amps, combos
    "Light weight" tube heads
    2 ohm capable heads

    1 Buying a combo
    Opinions/experiences-great small combo amps
    The ultimate custom built combo?

    Combos vs Head/Cab
    Pre-amp/Power Amp vs Head/Cab or Combo
    "I want a monster amp!"
    Powerful,reliable rack amps

    1 10s v. 12s v. 15s v. 18s
    4x10 vs. 2x10/1x15

    1x10's that do the job
    Using a full range cab (Carvin LS1503)
    1x15/6.5 custom cab
    Big cabs
    Rig for low F#

    1 Happy with my rig

    Micro-rigs of doom
    Mini-rigs of doom
    Rigs of doom
    Cheap rigs of doom
    Ulitmate fantasy rig

    Polishing/cleaning bass
    1 Setup a bass
    Strings: Flatwound vs. Roundwound
    Bass stands

    1 Buying cables
    High end vs. low end
    Difference between speaker/instrument cables

    1 Comfortable strap

    Benefits of compression
    Compressor FAQ's and reviews
    Pedals that add rhythm guitar type sound
    1 Benefits of a rumble filter
    Best D.I.
    Going wireless

    Gear insurance thread
    Buying road cases

    1 Upgrading/changing speakers
    fEarful Cabs(plans included) + discussion
    fEarful 15/6 pre-cut kit assembly discussion
    Bill Fitzmaurice cabs
    Low Down Sound (LDS) custom cabs website
    Cross-overs made to order
    Low Down Sound custom cab club
    Cab coatings explained
    "Zaclite" Fiberglass cab build
    1 Insulating your cab
    DIY cable making

    Building a tube amp
    Learning to fix tube amps
    Sunn 2000s amp
    How to turn on/off a tube amp
    Tube amp techs- recommendations

    1 Making speaker cables
    Speaker reconer recommendations

    Bass repair
    TB's Luthier's Corner
    Custom bass pickups/pots
    Simple Vari-Tone control
    Bass Setup and Repair
    Fix stripped neck/strap lock holes
    Getting your bass refinished
    Refinishing paint/info/discussion board
    Casting your own parts
    Foam rubber string mutes

    Digital music "stand"

    Buying/learning harmonica
    Types of harmonicas
    Fingerstyle guitar
    1 Best guitar forums
    Visual guitar automatic chord finder website
    Jazz guitar/chords/solos
    Buying/learning/playing keyboards
    TB Synth bass thread
  5. Stumbo, thanks for this highly organized and helpful list!


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