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  1. Anybody ever heared of a VEGA BASS? If yes, where can I find info on this brand?
  2. NoSuchSol


    Aug 28, 2009
    I'm in the same boat - re hashing a thread from 2004. =D I have a Vega bass and I'm looking to find more information about it. About the only info I can find is on their banjo's(known for) and that they made some decent guitars but went downhill fast. And possibly that I have a Japanese made Vega due to the 5# serial.

    Any ideas???




  3. The Vega name has existed since the 1880s. They used to make archtops throughout the '30s. Martin bought the name in '70s but sold it to a manufacturer in Asia at some point. Can't recall which country, but a Google search might tell you. Japan or Korea probably.

    As far as the model, no idea, but looks nice!