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  1. I bought some amboyna burl veneer, quite thin 1/42" thickness. How do you guys cut the veneers for inlay or delicate work? I tried exacto and utility knife, but I am getting a lot of tear from the burl, should I cut it after soaking it, or should I stabilize it first with epoxy or super glue?
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    Sep 8, 2008
    yeah i think that epoxy should so it, if not, try cutting it with a jewelers saw, or a slow speed scroll saw
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    if the veneer is really dry and brittle it is difficult to cut. you could lightly spray water on it and then place it between newspaper and weight it down between pieces of plywood w/something heavy on top - this will soften it slightly and flatten it out at the same time. change the newspaper 1-2 times a day, after a day or 2 it should be good to go. After this your xacto knife should cut it nicely- use a straight edge, leave a little extra, then use a sharp block plane (shoot the edge) to make the edge straight etc. There are specific veneer saws that are curved and flat on 1 side that way you can use a straight edge to run the saw against - it is a pull saw. this is the basic way of working veneer. burls need to be flattened generally speaking since the grain is so brittle they break instead of cut
  4. thanks! That was quite informative :)
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    To cut thin wood a scroll saw would be the way to go, I use one of these, bought it as a "factory refurb" for $70:

  6. nice I have been using a ryobi refurb drill press and it is excellent, so I will get one of these whenever I can afford it
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