Ventures Jazz opinions?

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  1. Hi. I stumbled upon a Fender Jazz Ventures model here in Manila for 57,000 pesos, around $1000. It sounds good, and 60% says I want it. The 40% says, ask first for opinions. so, should i take it? Is the price ok for a NOS? Will it hold it's value down the line? Thanks.

  2. ..guess I should have first used the search function.. i dug up some nice infos here..
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    I was kind of interested in a "Ventures" Jazz bass a while back. I played a couple and thought the played and sounded very good. At the time I was shopping for one, used ones were selling from about $700 - $900. I don't know what the market is like in Manila, but I would guess that $1000 for a NOS Fender "Ventures" bass would be fair.

    FWIW, I loved the blocks and binding and matching headstock. I didn't really care for the one-piece pickguard/control plate.
  4. good basses don't show here much often nowadays.. and if something shows up, it's generally cheap. I picked up years ago a NOS Ric 4001 for 26000 pesos (around $500), so I'm somewhat comparing the Ventures jazz to the price of that Ric. So I guess i should put on my best haggling mode and talk them on selling me the jazz for half, eh? :)
    Thanks for the input, Slater.