SOLD Verellen Meatsmoke Dual Channel Vacuum Tube Instrument Preamplifier

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    Up for sale is my Verellen Meatsmoke Dual Channel Vacuum Tube Instrument Preamplifier. This thing is an absolute beast but it seems like it is probably better off with someone who can get a lot of use out of it -- especially good for metal, stoner/doom, punk, or anything that needs a lot of low-end wall-shaking bass. It sounds especially awesome with a pick; the attack on the boost/OD channel seems to be well-voiced for that type of playing. This also includes a hefty power cord.

    FREE SHIPPING TO CONUS -- if you're international, I'll get you a quote.

    After experimenting with this and various pedal configurations, I've decided to just get a tube-driven class D amp instead since that would probably fit styles I play the best.

    The ONLY trades I would consider:
    • Orange Bass Terror* this is what I'm probably buying so it is definitely the most desirable..
    • Orange OB1-500
    • Darkglass Microtubes 500
    • Maybe....Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 with some cash coming my way depending on condition.
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  2. Sale pending.
  3. SOLD!