SOLD Verellen Meatsmoke Rack Preamp in Gator Lightweight 4U Rack Bag

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    verellen_01.jpg verellen_02.jpg verellen_03.jpg verellen_04.jpg

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    The Verellen is very light under 10 lbs and comes with the footswitch pictured. This is used to switch between the channels and connects via the back panel with a standard instrument cable. The input bezel on this amp is made of plastic and is a little finicky and comes off sometimes but can easily be replaced with a metal one, there is nothing wrong with the integrity of the input jack itself or the connections, the chassis has a few scratches from racking, these are the only flaws. The Crest and the Gator bag are in near mint condition.


    The MEATSMOKE preamp is voiced for bass guitar or huge guitar sounds, and features the MEATSMOKE's unique overdrive boost. Housed in a sturdy black aluminum 2U rackmount enclosure and sturdy brushed aluminum handles. 2 footswitchable channels complete with independent Gain control, 3-band EQ, and Master Volume controls per channel. Clean channel ranges from big cleans to growl, while the overdrive channel picks up where the clean channel left off going from crunch to all out thick distortion roar. Footswitch included.

    Run the preamp's unbalanced 1/4" output into an independent power amp or into an effects loop return or the power amplifier input of a bass or guitar amp to completely transform the amp's sound. A Jensen transformer balanced XLR DI output provides thick clear signal direct to board. The dedicated record output includes a speaker simulating filter with two levels of intensity. This allows for running the PREAMP directly into a mixing board, tape machine, or DAW.

    High-quality components are used throughout, including a regulated DC filament supply for quiet operation. Careful shielding and circuitry layout yield huge tone with a low noise floor.
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    I miss my Meatsmoke pedal so much!!
    This is a FANTASTIC deal— GLWYS
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    The pre was on hold but that fell through so everything is still available. Would love to sell as a package deal, MASSIVE setup here.
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    Damn, really wish I could pull the trigger on this. That's a great deal on a monster rig.
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