Very badly messed up my pot! The knob rotates 360 degrees

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    Jun 18, 2008
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    So I was messing around with the truss rod 94 MIJ Fender P Bass and, being an idiot, thought I had to remove the pickguard before removing the neck, also thinking that it's necessary to remove the knobs. Anyways, I didn't realize the knobs were screw-on so I got a screwdriver, stuck it under my tone knob, propped it up, and thought I could just rotate the knob and unscrew it. After rotating, it popped up a bit. Anyways, something must've dislodged, since now the knob rotates 360 degrees. It still works; It just rolls from 10-0. The knob also rotates with a lot of friction.

    Now, here's the weird thing: Sometimes, when it's lodged a certain way, it still catches the detent (meaning it stops at the max/minimum setting), so I'm thinking that maybe my problem isn't so bad and that I can just adjust something in the pot. Anybody have any experience with this? I'd rather not have to replace the pot on a 22 year old instrument, since I have no soldering experience and I also can't seem to dislodge the volume knob (I unscrewed it all the way but it's still catching on the pickguard-end of the pot). Needless to say, I'm hesitant about being rough with it.

    Plus part is is that the setup went really well and my bass plays perfectly (it still sounds great, since the pot is functional, just not in pristine working order.).
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    Oct 14, 2009
    Unfortunately it's not something you can adjust out. It's broken. Replacing a pot with the same value part is simple and inexpensive. Given what you've just gone through I'd suggest taking it to your local tech and getting it fixed properly. If you don't know a tech your local music store will. Good luck.
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    A pot is an inexpensive part, and OP's bass isn't vintage or collectible, so I would simply put another 250k pot in there and call it a day.
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    I would keep the old pot I have a feeling the MIJ Fenders will be very collectable in the future and for some strange reason collectors like all the original parts working or not.
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    Yeah - you likely broke the little tab off the wiper that catches the stop. Get a new one - it's not a bug deal to replace it.

    While it still works, don't keep rotating it through the "dead" area where it would have stopped. The little fingers on the wiper could catch on something and then it might stop working altogether.