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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by twisty4678, Mar 12, 2010.

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    I recently purchased a memory boy from Guitar Center and noticed right away it had a few problems. First off, it would not self oscillate with the feedback cranked. Secondly, i would get a longer delay time IF i had a patch cable plugged into the expression pedal input (i read about this on the ehx forums). I'm fairly certain that with the patch cable in i would get the full 550 ms, as without the patch cable the delay seemed way to short. If someone could send me a soundclip of a single note at exactly 550 ms (using a digital pedal) i could be certain.

    I then researched these issues and found that many other users were having the same issues. An EHX Staff member even posted in a thread on the memory boy stating

    "We are looking into the cause of the problem, there are a couple of things that might cause it.

    The DXMB (Deluxe Memory Boy) will definitely not have this problem."

    At this point, i thought well there surely must be a recall of some sort. So i emailed Ehx, thinking they would send me a prepaid box to ship it over in. I got a response saying that they would wave return shipping.

    At this point i was getting more and more upset, and i wrote a letter to send in with my pedal. I stated i was disappointed with the quality of this pedal, and that if there was a known issue with the pedal that there should have been a recall. I also stated that i did not think i should be responsible for paying shipping for a pedal i just bought new. I ended by saying i would love to hear from someone on this issue. I sent a copy with my pedal and a separate envelope with a copy of the message addressed to management.

    Two weeks later, i receive my pedal back with no note. No mention of a reimbursement for shipping in. Great! I plug it in. The self oscillation works. Yay!
    The delay- UGH! I still only get maximum with a patch cable plugged in. SO what would you do at this point? I plan on posting this in the ehx forums and seeing if any staff will respond.
    I am beyond upset at this point. What should i do?
  2. FYI.

    1000ms = 1 second.
    500ms = .5 seconds
    60bpm (beats per minute) = 1 beat per second.
    120bpm= 1 beat per 500ms (.5 seconds)

    click on 120. That will give you an example of the delay time you're looking for.
  3. actually just did the math, 109 bmp = 550.45ms pretty darn close.
  4. I get 100 with the patch cable plugged in, and 144 with the patch cable unplugged. So above 500 ms (which is closer to the advertised 550 ms delay) with the patch cable plugged in. Way less than 550 ms without the patch cable. So i'm right in saying that i have to jury rig my pedal to get it to work right? :mad:

    Sorry, reversed the two numbers.
  5. Gotcha, thanks. So yeah mine is off about .15 ms off :(
  6. adrian mccullou

    adrian mccullou

    Dec 14, 2009
    My memory boy self oscillated with an ever increasing volume that is uncontrollable and therefore unusable. Its too bad because it could be a great pedal if it would just oscillate without volume increases. Is this what you were talking about with you pedal?

    This is the mod that I think will work:

    Simplest approach is add a couple of small signal diodes (1N4148)
    in parallel, but mounted in opposite directions to circuit ground right
    after the feedback pot

    But I think I should maybe just send EHX the pedal and have them fix it up.
  7. 60(seconds)/100bpm= .6 (aka 1 beat per .6 seconds, or 600ms)
    60/144= .416 (~420ms)

    so you're talking about a difference of 180 milliseconds. That doesn't seem like a lot to me. The memory boy is an analog pedal. I'm not too familiar with delay circuits, but I believe the delay time is controlled by an IC chip. Since analog parts interact with each other, I think there is a margin for exact max delay time, which may vary from pedal to pedal. I'd chill out before jumping on the EHX forums and throwing a fit. This may be a normal thing. Though I have no idea why the exp pedal input would have anything to do with it.

    That's all I got, someone with more knowledge will have to correct me, or take it from here.
  8. Adrian- mine self oscillates fine, but still has trouble with delay.

    It is definitely a big difference walker. I wish i could upload some samples so you could hear the difference.
    I tried to stay as polite as i could and i don't think it came off as a fit.
  9. beggar98


    Jan 23, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    If you want exact, reliable delay times you really need to get a digital pedal. Not that your pedal shouldn't work as advertised, but if the ability control your delay times to within the fractions of time you're discussing is important to you you will probably be disappointed by a lot of analog delays.
  10. It's not that i want exactly 550 ms but without the patch cable in the exp jack the pedal is so boring... When i have the full delay time it's a blast. There really is a discernible difference. There are many thread on the ehx forums about people having the same issue.
  11. superhand


    Sep 14, 2009
    Fresno, CA
    So it does what you want it to do if there is a patch cable plugged in to the expression pedal jack right? why not just buy a 1/4 plug and leave it there? It is probably less than 2 bucks at Radio Shack.
  12. I don't think i should have to jury rig a 100 dollar pedal to get it to work right.
  13. Nightlyraider


    Sep 30, 2009
    Time to switch to a different pedal then and stop complaining.

    If plugging a 1/4 inch socket in is too much work "jury rigging" it; you clearly aren't going to start doing electronics work inside the thing as suggested with the diode addition.
  14. did it work the same way when you tried it out at GC?
  15. I love my Memory Boy and all it's quirkiness. Under $100 for an analog pedal with modulation and an expression input is nothing.
    They have jammed a huge amount of features into this pedal and given it to your for almost nothing!
    Or you could buy a boutique hand made delay with two knobs for $430. I mean really, I don't think sticking an extra patch chord in there is too much trouble.

    Personally I like having more options even if some aren't perfect, than not enough - gives ME control over the sound and not the pedal :D
  16. It's not that sticking a patch cable in there is too much trouble, but with the patch cable in it makes it very hard to dial in the correct amount of delay time. About 75% of the delay knobs travel does not effect the delay time with the patch cable in, leaving only a little travel for the majority of the delay time. I made a video so you can see this easier. It also shows how much of a difference in time i get.

    Im honestly not trying to be whiney or pissy. I just don't think this is right.
    Here is the video.
  17. Are you using this off an adaptor? I know when I first got mine with a battery in it, the delay time didn't have much an effect.
    Once I ran it off an adapter it worked much more predictably.

    With an expression pedal in the Jack the delay times are much longer.
    I find that usuable long tones without it are in the 3:00 and above area.

    Edit: just watched the video, everything I saw was normal. Like I said, using the exp pedal Jack increase the delay time, but of course the knob isn't usable after that: you're supposed to be using an expression pedal. The knob just sets the max delay time for the toe up position of the pedal.
  18. newbold


    Sep 21, 2008
    Sure it's not right. It's a $100 analog delay that's brand new. So what?

    I think we all see that it's not right but are you looking for some kind of uprising?

    Get a Diamond Memory Lane if you want to be perfectly satisfied, or wait for the deluxe, register as a supporting user as a different name and sell your pedal in the classifieds, noting it's as is so we don't have to remember this thread ever again.
  19. Megadan- im using the adapter that came with it. I can't afford to get an expression pedal or really want to have less pedal board real estate.

    Newbold, sorry but i expect to get what i pay for, and what is stated in the manual.
    It only has around 400 MS without patch cable, which does not = 550.
  20. selfblessed


    Dec 29, 2006
    Phoenix, AZ
    Honestly I think you are unsatisfied with your purchase and should look into returning it or selling it for a loss.

    I do have a question. How are you measuring that its max delay time is incorrect?
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