Very impressed with Dunlop customer service!!

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  1. Ty McNeely

    Ty McNeely

    Mar 27, 2000
    Whenever I got my new (to me, anyways--thanks emjazz!! :D ) bass last week, I went to install the Dunlop Strap-Loks that I had on my previous bass on my new ones. Since this was the third time that I had removed the strap-loks, the screws were a bit rough. In the process of reinstalling them on the new bass, I ended up stripping the screws. So, I emailed Dunlop customer service early last week to see if I could get some new screws. They replied the next day and told me that they would have some on the way.

    Well, I checked my mail today---after not checking it at all late last week--and I had a large envelope from Dunlop. In the envelope, they included the screws I had asked for, as well as a catalog, numerous stickers, and a sampler pack of every kind of pick that they offer.

    This is basically just to put out a good word for Dunlop---they impressed me by going above and beyond what the majority of manufacturers do these days.
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