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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Vosk, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Hey guys

    I just bought a Dunlop Fuzz Face, and while I really do like its tone running through an amp without a horn, even on its lowest gain setting it is too "gainy" for my liking. Its better if I turn the volume down on my bass, but I don't want to because then it just quietens my whole signal down.

    So is there anyway to mod my fuzz face so it is lower gain, or is there something out there that is low gain and still with that fuzz face character?
  2. I really like my MI Audio Neo Fuzz. Its gain control starts from zero so you can have really low gain fuzz. It also has 20 db boost so you should not have volume drop with low gain settings.
    Check out:
  3. Its also about 80 gold bullions in price. :(

    I like its sound though, a lot.
  4. Sorry `bout that. But isn`t MI Audio pedals hand made in Australia?
  5. zjokka


    Oct 23, 2006
    Tienen, Belgium
    hi there, what you are referring to is an essential effect of the fuzz face circuit. The circuit is very sensitive to the input, and if you max your instruments volume a well working fuzz face should really soften out, as it apparently does.

    Backing off your instruments volume to 8 doesn't affect the tone at all. Fuzz face is meant to be controllable by the guitar volume also.

    If you are losing a lot of bass (tone) throughout, this will be because the circuit you bought was designed for the tonal range of guitar. You might be better of with a bass fuzz.

    Fuzz is such an easy circuit, you could make your own.

    good luck
  6. I'm not losing any bass tone. I just want to lower the input so i get less fuzz, while still having my bass volume full on my bass.

    Is there a way i can install a trim pot or whatever to lower the input strenght?
  7. zjokka


    Oct 23, 2006
    Tienen, Belgium
    lowering the input won't give you less fuzz. a trim pot is just a small variable resistor as you know. so if I read the following

    you would be installing a volume control for you bass on top on the existing one, but then in the fuzz face. there is really no difference with turning your bass down if that's the sound you like.

    like i said, a fuzz face with instrument on 10 will always sound different, that's the nature of the circuit. In fact, that softened up distortion is the 'real' fuzz sound. but don't let that detain you from looking for your sound.

    I'm beginning to think it's a practical matter: you always play with bass on 10 and don't want the double action of stepping on the fuzz AND having to turn down the volume for fuzz parts?

  8. Sorry, but I think I can say (owning the pedal) that if you reduce the input it gets less fuzzy or distorted.

    So can I install a trim pot? being an electrical dufus?
  9. zjokka


    Oct 23, 2006
    Tienen, Belgium

    what would this trimpot do according to you? where would you put it?
    or is it the practical matter I referred to?
    if you're so sure it works for you, do it. you don't need my permission...
  10. Trim pot means to me (probably, if not definately wrong) something that will lower the volume input ("trim" it down) to the circuit.
  11. DbNBassist


    Aug 12, 2006
    tried running a dry signal aswell? i did some recording with one of my bands today and on the bass track to one of the sings we used a Fuzz Face simulation with some DI, it was very low gainy.
  12. zjokka


    Oct 23, 2006
    Tienen, Belgium
    indeed, very correct. It would have the same effect as turning down the volume on your bass. A trim pot is the same thing as a volume potentiometer, just in a different size. where would you install the trimpot ? on the fuzz face? that will still be two volume controls in series.

    You are keen on keep the bass volume open (variable resistor value 0 Ohms) to install a new variable resistor (trimpot) behind it (in series) which does introduce some resistance. resistance in series adds up, so you will have 0 Ohm + 200k or so = 200 k.

    If you turn down the volume you would have 200k or so + 0 = 200k still.

    do have the feeling I'm missing something.
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