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    This is not another general purpose "what stings should I buy" question. This is down to the wire about exactly what information I need. Plain and simple, what bass string type/model/string size do you think is used by Eddi Jackson on Queesryche Jet City Woman, especially the 1/16 noes in the very beginning -or- the ones used by Rachel Bolan on Skid Row Quicksand Jesus? I have fallen in love with those sounds and I know there are a ton of other factors for those tones like the actual bass, the woods, the amp, the effects, all that, but I can play around with that with my rig. I don't want to keep just buying strings to try out that Ive never tried before. I watch YouTube videos of guys demoing strings and every frikkin one of them is a grand master at the bass (which I am NOT) and they start out popping and slapping and NOT playing with a pick. I cant stand this. I dont even like that sound or style. I play simple 80's metal/glam only and with a pick only and I have FUN with it. NOT interested in hearing strings played like Victor Wooten or some other bass GOD, I don't CARE about those guys. I cant stand the sound of my G string, its too damn "twangy". I play Ozzy/No More Tears and it starts on the G string and mine sounds like I should be in a country/western band. RUBBISH! I really don't buy into the different manufactures brands of strings, why should I believe Geddy Lee because he endorses Rotosound, or anyone else that gets paid to promote stuff? You guys here on TB dont get those endorsements, I don't think.. I am not him. I don't play like him nor do i want to. I am just fine playing like Bobby Dall from Poison, now that is just FUN for me. I am very much interested to know if the tone I am looking for are from round wounds or flat wounds or half rounds or pressure wounds, bright or not bright, stainless or nickel, and of course the sizes. I was "thinking" of buying a set of 50-110's, so as the 50 would hopefully get rid of the G string twang, but I don't know. The guys in Guitar center are not that bright in telling me what size and model of strings are on the display basses and there we NO flat wounds on any of them. I know Steve Harris plays the flat wound, in the size range I want, and yes, he is a damn good player and I love Iron Maiden, but to me, his bass sounds somewhat dull, don't get me wrong, its a perfect fit for their music, so I am not sure about flat wounds for me. On the other hand, I don't want something super bright either, I am not wanting to be in the Late Night show band. So, can someone put me in the ballpark as far as the sound I like on the 2 songs I listed, the size range of strings that may get me there and what type of metal the strings are and what type of wind they are. I really need this info as a starting point. Thanks!
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    Didn't (couldn't) read much past the first few sentences.

    But I can say that Jet City Woman is one of my very favorite songs, and of course the bass line and bass tone have a lot to do with that. I can nail that tone with any of my Spectors, even my NS-5 with a single MM humbucker, with pretty much any good roundwound string. What you're hearing is the Spector tone, not a specific string.
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    Not a specific set of strings since they both use different brands, but they both use steel roundwounds.
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    I feel like I've read a stephen king novel haha
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    Lol,, I like to write! So at least I can start with steel roundwounds in my quest, much appreciated. Now I need to fiddle faddle with different gauges in those strings, but a great starting point.
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