For Sale Very tired Ric 4003 Local only.

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    Single Coil

    Apr 8, 2006
    This almost went in to the garbage, but I thought I would see if anyone here would have any use for it.

    I also hate the shipping process and I won't know the actual cost until I ship it, so for now this is local pickup only.

    This case has served its purpose. It is currently taking up space in my house, and I always gig my Birdsongs nowadays. This original Ric hard shell case has seen more gigs than I can count and it shows it.

    The top is warped from weather changes, the case clamshells open all the way (the original straps are included), and all four of the feet have either been smashed into the case or are gone.

    On the positive side, all the latches work and all the hinges are intact and fully functional. upload_2020-6-30_18-30-50.jpeg upload_2020-6-30_18-31-5.jpeg upload_2020-6-30_18-31-23.jpeg

    It's not pretty, but I greatly appreciate what this thing has done for my Ric.

    I live in rural East Central Illinois; please PM me if you want to come get it.

    In case you're curious, I keep the Ric in a very nice gig bag now.
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