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***... VH1 keeps trashing Metal!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by LajoieT, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. LajoieT

    LajoieT I won't let your shadow be my shade...

    Oct 7, 2003
    Western Massachusetts
    I'm watching VH1's top 40 Awsomely bad metal songs. Why does VH1 keep tagging metal with this crap??? You know "metal" was popular in the 80's so a lot of "POP ROCK" bands were mistakenly labeled "METAL" but COME ON!!!! VIXEN??? TRIXTER!!!! They were never metal and they don't belong being tossed in with the real metal acts. Then they keep trash talking out of both ends of their a$$es. They say how this song sucks cause it's just full of the metal cliche's and the next song they trash on for taking on a "non metal topic" and they should just stick to the "Rock On" mentality. Now sure you can trash Motley Crue for any number of the ballads they put out as not being metal, but Maiden's "Bring Your Daughter..." and a bunch of the other songs they trashed on were kick a$$ metal songs, some of the stuff may not hold up over time, but back in the day stuff like Accept's "Balls to the Wall" may have been cliche, but is that so wrong with some good metal behind it? And they are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel with the commentary. An actress from Reno911??? the Donnas???? a bunch of commedians!!!! Some WWF looking dude!?!??!? They got ONE metal guy to make some comments, Scott from Anthrax (and he's done just about all of these things) And everyone who's making the comments except Scott sound like they are all reading from a script written by the same person.

    sorry to rant, but that's 2 lame shows in 2 weeks trashing metal with crap from people who don't know the difference. The only way VH1 can make this up to me is to have a Top 40 Sappy Country Crap Music with commentary by Steve Harris, Lars Ulrich, Wendy O'Williams (if only that were possible!!) and the guys from Grim Reaper.

    {edit} OK so they got a few comments by Nugent and Henry Rollins too, but there are WAY to many frickin' dork commedians and magazine editors and too few from them.
  2. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: see profile
    turn off the TV and walk away!

    Pop Culture is what it is. Decades get boiled down to 2 CD sets, the good stuff ALWAYS falls through the cracks. Every generation has the same gripe with the next and the previous.

    Go pop in one of your old school cassettes and bang your head to what you dig :bassist: :bassist: :bassist:

    Didn't Wendy O off herself?
  3. I believe she died of cancer
  4. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: see profile

    no, she wandered off into the woods and shot herself :(
  5. fatbassjazzer


    Feb 27, 2004
    VH1 really does trash metal alot. Sure some of it was true but they were trashing Guns N Roses and Dio which was pretty lame. It got really old and repetitive so I turned it off and ate some turkey.
  6. DannyB


    Aug 17, 2004
    Turn off the VH1, let them have their bubblegum pop and James Taylor.. Turn it to MTV, where they show real mus..... ummmmm.. where's the music!?!? Maybe some things are better without pictures and washed up celebrities tellin' us how it is ;-)
  7. I watched it, they just got so damn repetitive. It really bored me, and half of those songs were good songs. Whitesnake, Maiden, Grim Reaper even, and hell....Im even a Europe fan.
  8. Get over it.
  9. You right- but either way is messed up.
  10. LajoieT

    LajoieT I won't let your shadow be my shade...

    Oct 7, 2003
    Western Massachusetts
    Yea that's why I said:
    I watched mainly to see some metal videos that I hadn't seen in a while. I'd even be fine if they'd call it "40 metal videos that sucked a$$" as long as they just played the freakin videos and cut out the comentary by everyone, let alone this bunch of loosers who mostly look like they live in mom's basement. The only high point in the show was when Scott Ian refused to trash the Whitesnake video and said he actually liked Whitesnake. At least he showed some balls instead of just cutting up on anything they picked to show him, I'm just kinda surprised they used the comment.

    And BTW, it didn't bother me nearly as much as my little rant SOUNDS like, I just didn't want to say anything positive. Some parts were kinda funny, I agreed with a lot of the stuff they put in there (but I can remember a LOT more, Where was Firehouse with "Love of a Lifetime"???, How metal is becoming a staple wedding song?) but about 1/3 of it was pulled strait from last weeks "40 Least Metal Moments" including the #1 which was one of the weaker picks and nowhere near #1 on the list of stuff they had. So thanks for the advice to turn it off and walk away, but I wasn't anywere near the throwing my beer bottle at the TV stage, I was mostly bored with watching the tag line say "Joe Schmoe, Commedian"
  11. As if some condescending knob knows more about music than you do because they work at a magazine...

    The worst was the Blender magazine most horrific rock and roll moments or whatever it was.

    Too many of the people giving commentary were smarmy know-it-alls that you'd like to pop in the face rather than listen to their "expert opinion."

    Speaking of VH-1, Jane Wiedlin is going to be on the next Surreal Life! :hyper:
  12. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Terrific Twister

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    dude......you really shoudn't expect anything more from those kinds of shows. That whole series from VH1 is based on the same premise. I'm kind of surprised you expected more from the show.

    I crack up from the commentary when I watch those shows .

  13. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    Remember, these "documentaries" (more like running commentaries) are based on POP culture and the show is only going to be about as deep as the videos VH1 has on hand to produce it.

    Plus they're marketing to 15-30 year olds anyway. It'll be a while before you see anything good about metal music being broadcast. That whole cost=benefits thing.
  14. Which is interesting, since VH-1 was the refuge for James Taylor and Carly Simon until MTV went to the "more talk, less rock" format. So the 30+ demographic just left. Sounds like there's a slot to fill, eh Viacom?
  15. Coutts_is_god

    Coutts_is_god Guest

    Dec 29, 2003
    Windsor, Ont, Canada
    Metal rules, VH1 is strange. Keep them apart and you're fine.

    Never mind you like something share it so we can clean up this pop culture waste land.
  16. If you've gotta have your metal, call your cable operator and request that they start programming MTV2. That's where all the videos went.

    AFAIC no cable channel is required to like, or even respect, metal. Those who do deserve your support, and those who don't shouldn't be criticized for what they're not.
  17. Actually, MTV2's turning into MTV lite. There are more videos, definately, but they're also shoving pushing a lot of the reruns of their old shows onto MTV2. Thankfully, it hasn't reached the point where they broadcast old episodes of Real World/Road Rules, but it's not far off. I think there's another channel, MTVX or something, that has all videos. The videos on MTV2 anyway, I find are pretty uninteresting, basically the full videos of the clips that appear on TRL, no new or interesting music, or classic indie videos.


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    so what was number one?
  19. LajoieT

    LajoieT I won't let your shadow be my shade...

    Oct 7, 2003
    Western Massachusetts
    Europe's "The Final Countdown". They cracked on it for having keyboard synth (like it's illegal for metal to be anything but distorted guitars) and no easy to understand story (???).


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    heh, lame. that song rocks.